Study Abroad


FAQ about my time studying abroad in America at Montana State University:

1/Why did you pick Montana as a place to study?

My original plan to study abroad in Holland fell through so when discussing options through the uni, I found out that I could study in America for just a semester (as opposed to the standard full year!) and Montana, through a twist of fate due to the fact that my favourite boy was also studying there, was the only place with a space left! So, I headed off to big sky country for snowy mountains and a cold long beautiful winter! It was seriously one of the best places I have ever been full of amazing people and stunning views! I loved it so much!

2/What did you study?

My study abroad counted for quite a large part of my degree back in England, so I studied film and photography with a ‘fun’ elective in Yoga!

3/Where did you live while you were there?

I lived in a shared student house near to the campus with 6 boys! Vastly outnumbered!

4/How long were you there?

I lived in Montana for 8 months!

5/What kind of visa did you have?

I was there on a student J-1 visa

6/Did you travel at all?

Yes! I was very lucky to fit lots of travel in both in Montana and around the US! My boy and I lived out of our car for a month and did a crazy road trip around the whole western side of the USA! It was one of those trips that was so amazing it hardly seems real now!


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