Life in lockdown | April 2020

Hey, how’s life going for you? We are over a month into lockdown here in the uk and it’s likely to be a while longer. I thought I’d write another of this monthly round up style posts to document some of this time.

Easter table & blossom from our tree

DOING: In April, we celebrated S’s birthday with a decadent dinner of butternut mac and cheese with apple crumble with hot custard for afters, went on a bike ride and watched a movie. The first of what was to be many occasions celebrated in lockdown. The key is celebrating with food I think, haha. We also made a roast on easter sunday, have done lots of family zooms, clapped for our carers 4 times this month, I did lots of home workouts/yoga, went on our daily walks, read 5 books, wrote in my journal every day, worked from home, sent letters, chatted to friends, edited photos, cooked loads and the days seemed to go a lot quicker than in March. I wonder what May will be like?

SUPPORTING: The NHS – one of my favourite moments of the week is the clap for our carers, we go up to our attic and the noise echoing through the city is just amazing, I get so emotional every time. It’s a reminder of how each of the houses we can see are filled with people going through a similar thing and are united in our gratitude for those on the front line.

Views from the attic


HEARING: the birds, they are so loud, a lovely springtime chorus.

DRINKING: tea, oat milk hot cocoa, coconut fizzy water, the odd san pelligrino as a weekend treat. S soemtimes gets up before me and brings me a blueberry smoothie in bed and it is the greatest start to the day hehe. Also, had our first rosé of the year and it was delicious.

EATING + COOKING: a roast dinner, a huge yorkshire pudding, apple crumble, chocolate tofu tart for S’s birthday this month. Made indonesian gado gado for the first time too which is a potato and green bean warm salad thing. Also, curries, dahls, cheese toasties, veggie spag bol, green lentil ragu and lots of other yummy things filled with veggies. S also treated us to a takeaway curry a few weekends ago and it was so good, we loved the peshwari naans especially. Such a treat.

LOOKING: at all the blossoms trees, have been planning my daily walks around my favourite blooms this month and stopping to take them in each day is such a breath of fresh air. Now, towards the end of the month, the blossoms are gone and the wisteria is in bloom, it’s so gorgeous. Also, we had two weeks of blooms of the blossom tree in our garden, I was out there every day admiring it haha.

Blossoms in the park
A message of hope in a window

VISITING: the woods, we are so lucky to have beautiful woodlands, the sea and riverside trails all within two miles of our home, we have been going on cycle rides each weekend and sometimes on weeknights to visit these spots and it’s so peaceful and lovely. And there is rarely anyone else around which makes it more relaxing too. We picked some wild garlic a few weeks ago and I used it to make pesto. We are super grateful to live in a less populated area, as I have friends in London who can’t go out due to how busy it is and the risk involved.

ENJOYING: brownies! My sister sent us a box of the most amazing fudgy brownies in the post and it was the loveliest surprise for S and I. Thanks Lu! ❤

READING: lots of books! Am on 16 so far this year and loving it. Read ‘In an instant’ by Suzanne Redfearn in a day at the weekend and it was quite gripping. Have just started ‘at home in the world’ and am loving all the travel descriptions, helping me to imagine far away places from my arm chair. Also finished ‘Big Dreams, Daily Joys’ by Elise Cripe, which was a great book about goal setting, I found it really inspiring and accessible even during this no planning time zone.

WEARING: summer dresses. They make me happy even just around the house. Also it’s been sandal weather for some of this month and I am here for it.

LEARNING: to live with the uncertainty of this time. Take the good days with the bad days. to appreciate everything.

Empty Plymouth streets

MAKING: Still loving doing 1 second a day video, also finished my first embroidery project this month. I’m finding things like this are helping me keep busy and spend less time on my computer/phone/reading the news.

COLLABORATING: with my sister. We started a photo project together at the start of the month where we each take 1 picture a day and then put them together as a diptych. There is no theme but it’s so fun to see the similarities in colours or shapes or subject matter each day.

SAVOURING: All the quality time with S. We are so lucky to be in the house/living situation we are in and to be together. We are enjoying spending the days together and finding fun things to do at home. So grateful.

GRATEFUL FOR: so many things. This experience of the pandemic and lockdown has taught me even more so to focus on the good, all that we are grateful to have. We may be apart from those we love, but we are hopeful that we will be allowed to hug them soon and that they manage to stay safe. We have had some sad news of family friends this month and it’s just so hard. The numbers are  so sad and there have been tragedies in families all over the country that we are sending our thoughts to. I hope you are okay and that your families are safe.


Sunset in the park

Sending you love and light friends, take care & stay safe. Let me know how you are doing?



this post inspired by Pip&Heidi Apples

3 thoughts on “Life in lockdown | April 2020

  1. You’ve been cooking soooo much and it all sounds incredible! I’m with you on using food for any and all celebrations in lockdown. It’s mothers day in the USA today and basically all our activities are going to revolve around food haha. Also that’s so great you are journaling every day – what’s your secret? I’d love to get into regular journaling too but I find it hard to build the habit.


    1. I do love to cook and it’s been my evening solace away from work and screens in the evening – so nice!
      My secret to everyday journaling is having a really nice pen and notebook haha – I got them in feb and have journaled every day since. I also always try to have it with me – different at the moment as not going out to work but I used to take it with me and do a bit on my lunch break if I felt like it! Also having no pressure on length, if I only write a few lines that’s fine etc. I’ve always had an every so often journalling habit – my first one is from 2001!


  2. You’re in Summer dresses… and I’m still in a jumper most of time here 😂 Sounds like you’ve been eating lots of lovely food. I also love peshwari naans but good ones can be hard to find. We finally worked out how to order a takeaway recently and ate our first curry in 6 weeks. It was glorious!


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