Life right now | March 2020

Hi friends, how are you doing? Thought it would be a good way to process the last week or two by writing one of these posts, life feels very surreal right now and everything is uncertain but each day brings some small joys and little bits of hope. Like me, I am sure you are worried for friends, family, loved ones and wondering when you might see them again. Now more than ever is time to lean into gratitude, simple things and connections with others (virtually, of course). I have written this post throughout the past 2 weeks, in the time right before lockdown to now, when we are in lockdown measures in the uk. This is an event that will define our society going forwards and I wanted to document how things are to read back on in the future.

DOING: Staying in (as much as possible) – the uk is now on lockdown measures, we are advised to stay in and only leave for 1 form of exercise per day and grocery supplies as infrequently as possible.  S & I are just going out for walks to the park or around the neighbourhood or sometimes a cycle or run.  We have been avoiding the supermarket as much as we can and using up all the cupboard food we have.

I moved my work PC home at the end of last week so have spent the last week working from home, grateful to have the privilege to do this. Feel very lucky that I am able to and very grateful for an understanding boss and a home that has space for home working. It is an adjustment, obviously we cancelled all our shoots and everything and have switched to video call meetings but there is lots of film editing to get stuck into which is a good escape from all the news site and thoughts swirling around.

In non work time, I am doing yoga and some home workouts, going on a daily walk, reading, journalling each day and spending time with S or catching up with family online. We had a family zoom chat today with six different households on video chat and it was so lovely but a bit chaotic with everyone trying to talk to each other! So lovely to see everyone’s faces though.

SUPPORTING: We are putting our pennies with local businesses where we can as they are struggling the most. Bread from the bakery (update: bakery now closed), dried goods from our local zero waste shop (collection only system currently) and veg from a local veg box company or local shop. The supermarkets are overrun, busy and full of people as everyone is concerned but it feels nice to support locally in the time of need.

HEARING: The radio. Listening to the local radio feels so nice at the moment, hearing other’s thoughts on the situation, listening to other people nattering on about stuff and some music is great background noise for cooking or cleaning in the kitchen. It definitely helps with the loneliness and missing family sometimes too.

DRINKING: Lots of tea. So much tea.

EATING + COOKING: Cooking is such a lovely distraction and mindfulness activity for me. I’m hoping to bake some muffins this weekend (banana and walnut) but have also made a big batch of veggie burgers, a coconut milk curry, lentil bolognese, lots of pesto pasta and lots of roasted veggies. Cosy food is so comforting. We have been trying to have different foods on the weekends to break up the days a bit and make it feel slightly more weekend-y so this morning I made a batch of pancakes.

LOOKING: at spring in bloom. Nature is blooming all around and on walks I am seeking out all the blossom trees (I’m obsessed as per usual) and taking pictures and deep breaths. It’s beautiful to take notice of these things & see that spring is continuing.

VISITING: the living room (?) – staying home and staying safe for the foreseeable and not visiting anywhere. We are going outside for our exercise ration though and I just appreciate getting outside so much after spending so much time inside. We are lucky to have a small courtyard garden so spending some time out there as well.

ENJOYING: Phone calls/Facetime with my grandparents. They are so special to us all and we are worried for them. However, our daily chats always lift my spirits as they tell me about their day, grandad’s garden and what they is cooking or watching on tv. It’s hard not knowing when we will next see them (or hug them) but taking it one day (or week) at a time. Also loving all the virtual social networks from video chats with family and my mum to voice messages from friends abroad and cute pictures of my sister’s cat that she sends me pretty regularly. And loving the time with S, with us both at home in our house. We feel so lucky and grateful to be here and have this space to ourselves, knowing friends and loved ones in much busier places or shared houses.

READING: I’m hoping to read a lot over the coming weeks and get a bit closer to my yearly reading goal. I am at ten books so far this year and enjoying escaping into different worlds. I’m enjoying historical fiction and some memoirs at the moment.

WANTING: a world where coronavirus doesn’t exist. It’s hard not knowing when we will next see our family. It’s hard having family quarantined on the other side of the world, not knowing when flights in or out will be allowed. It’s horrible knowing that people are suffering all over the world from this virus and because of its effects on their families, livelihoods, health & wellbeing. S & I went to the supermarket this weekend and had to stand 6 feet apart from each other, there was tape on the floor separating everyone and it was like a real life game of ‘the floor is lava’ trying to keep apart from each other. It felt a bit dystopian as do the police checkpoints around the city, even though I support and fully endorse the lockdown, it all feels very weird and heartbreaking for those who are ill or have family who are unwell as well as the amazing people working on the front line in the NHS. Some days I wake up and don’t remember for a few minutes and it’s the strangest sensation.

WEARING: lots of leggings, jeans and cosy jumpers but sometimes dresses during the week to make me feel a bit nicer for the work days.

LEARNING: a few weeks ago, I decided to get some supplies in for a new craft in case of a lockdown scenario and I am so glad that I did. I am learning to do embroidery on a beginners pattern and it’s so lovely to do something fun and creative in the evenings. I also did a drawing class on youtube and learnt to draw different types of flowers.

LOVING: My lovely yoga teacher has started to do classes online and I have been doing them every few days, it’s such a nice hour of calm and movement each time and cute how at the beginning everyone says hello and has a little catch up on the video call. Also, have loved the sunny weather and blue skies this week, it is the first week without rain in a very long time and the sunsets have been stunning.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our anniversary, S & I celebrate 6 years in less than a week and although we are not yet sure how we will mark it, we have been chatting about memories from over the years and looking at old photos and reading our old message threads (super cringe!) which has been fun. I can’t quite believe 6 years has passed, it has gone so quick and we are so lucky to be in this life together especially at this unsettling time.

SAVOURING: the simple moments, beautiful sunsets, flowers, steaming cups of tea in pools of morning light, a warm bed, a home to call our own, food, family, work, life and the pockets of joy in amongst the anxiety of this strange time.

GRATEFUL FOR: a job that allows me to work from home, a warm home to work from, S and all our laughs and family and friends to check in with. So many things…we are so so grateful.

I know that there are so many people struggling due to this crisis; physically, mentally and financially.

Also, very grateful that I don’t have kids yet.

Sending you love and light friends, take care & stay safe. Let me know how you are doing?



this post inspired by Pip&Heidi Apples

2 thoughts on “Life right now | March 2020

  1. Congrats on your 6 years. The BF and I are at 6+ but we don’t celebrate it in any way, I guess because we’re boring 😛 I like your update format, I might have to copy it if I decide to write about staying in. Like you, I’m enjoying cooking very much these days, it’s a welcome break from the computer! Take care.


  2. Congratulations on your 6 year anniversary 🙂 Lovely roundup despite life being so challenging at the moment. With you on trying to do more yoga (I haven’t been as good as you), wearing comfy clothes and being obsessed with blossom. You’ve just reminded me I had lots of nice teas to drink — I should get started on those before it gets too warm. Take care and looking forward to seeing more of your photos! Xx


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