Life right now | 24.02.20


DOING: a 1 second a day video project again! I started at the start of the month and it has been so fun to pick it up again. I did it in 2017 – see the film here and it was so fun to make, watching it back I remember so many little details from the days that the clips were filmed even if the clip gives nothing away. I decided to try it again as a little creative outlet and because I’m way behind on my monthly video clips. Would highly recommend if you want a way to look back on simple little moments of the everyday. Also it doesn’t matter that it isn’t the 1st of Jan – future you will be happy you started at all!

HEARING: friends and family on the phone (I love these chats, especially weekly catch ups with my sister and every few days with my grandad), also music on the radio and have got back into some podcasts recently.

DRINKING: all of the tea. I have been drinking so much herbal tea to get me through these chilly winter days. I even brought some oat milk into work so it has been making tea at work even better.

EATING + COOKING: I made an Anna jones veggie burger recently and it was so good that we have been having that a bit, along with soups, stews and this week; Pancakes! Got to celebrate shrove Tuesday all week long.

LOOKING: Out of the window, at the morning fog and the city waking up. Our bedroom is in the attic and has a view of houses right out to the moors. It’s so lovely to see.

WANTING: to travel and plan some trips; dreaming of Europe; snowy mountains, cobbled streets, colourful houses, and beautiful views.

VISITING: Leading on from the last point – Sicily! Very soon in fact, so we are planning all the little details of our trip as it approaches. Ready to eat all the pizza, sample some gelato and soak up a little Italian sunshine.

ENJOYING: Reading, climbing, walking & taking pics of the frost, fog & signs of spring blooms – so many beautiful things when you just take the time to notice.

READING: I’m loving historical fiction at the moment along with a bit of non fiction. I’m been struggling to fit in time to read at the moment with work and lots of house stuff going on. By the time I get to bed, I only manage a few pages before getting sleepy. So, I’m hoping our trip soon will reset me and I’m keen to read at least three books while we are away! My goal last year was 35 which I just reached so I am aiming for 40 this year but really it’s just about reading more in general and not scrolling!

GOING: to yoga class. Recently started going back to my favourite teacher and class and it is the absolute best. So restorative and lovely, I come away feeling so renewed and with all the lovely endorphins. Have also been walking a lot and climbing a little too.

CRAVING: more time with family, weekend trips are never enough. Love them all so much.

WEARING: cosy woolly jumpers, dresses with tights and boots and lots of layers. It is so chilly at the moment but a lovely change from all the rain.

LOVING: walking to work, that little burst of fresh air and being out in the elements whatever the weather is really lovely. Also after work walks with S if the weather is nice.

PAINTING: The lounge in our house, it’s finally coming together – we moved in 6 months ago this week and it has been so much work, but it feels like our home and a lovely space to be. We still have some big jobs to do, but for now, all the painting is done and we can start putting up pictures and shelves and making it a space that really feels like us.

SAVOURING: our sweet life by the sea, and how simple it can be. Slow sunday mornings, painting our house, chilling out reading under blankets in the evening and cooking together in the kitchen with the radio on. More than ever, it seems important to appreciate and savour the simplest things; time with people I love, the changing of the seasons, steaming hot cups of tea and walks in nature.

this post inspired by Pip&Heidi Apples

2 thoughts on “Life right now | 24.02.20

  1. I think that one second a day video is a really cool idea! I would not have the dedication to do it, but I watched a short piece of yours and what fun it would be to watch that at the end of the year! Thanks for sharing 😊😊

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    1. Aw thank you! There’s actually an app for it that makes it super easy and even reminds you to take the video! It’s called 1 second a day!

      Liked by 1 person

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