Leaving our house

A new chapter is approaching, quicker than I can quite comprehend and we will soon be leaving our current lovely little house by the river to move to a slightly bigger fixer upper that S and I are buying together (our current house was owned by S & a friend). Our current house was a repossession and full of so many things that needed attention, we have put so much love into it and had so many memories here. It’s the longest I have lived somewhere since I was 18 (and it’s only been 2 years 2 months in this house) and it will be strange to leave it behind. We are excited for the new house and the memories and projects there but this home will always have a special place in our hearts as our first home together. And it’s very special view of the river.

Favourite memories:

There are so many good memories from this house both big and small, from hosting family and friends, to painting everywhere and transforming it into a home, the way the golden light spreads through the whole house in the evening and the shadows on the white walls, the wild garden and all the birds, crickets, cats and butterflies that have moved in. The view at sunrise, at sunset, at any time of day. It’s obviously hard to pinpoint just one moment or memory. It’s just a special place that feels like you are almost in the countryside with views of the river and rolling hills but still close enough to the city that I can walk cycle or get the bus to the city or the sea.

Favourite room:

Our bedroom here is tiny, but so cosy, and one of the only spaces that ever felt finished. It has been such a calming and lovely space – all whites and greys with river and rolling hills as the view. I will miss looking out of the window and seeing the view, taking it in, no matter what the weather is.

Biggest project:

There was no heating or carpets when we moved in and the house was really just a shell, so the heating and carpets were the big projects that took the longest to complete and had us sleeping on camp beds for the first few months with loads of blankets.

Unfinished projects: 

We never got round to doing up the bathroom or sorting out the garden, but that’s okay as the new owners are apparently keen gardeners. We also never got the oven fully installed…ooops so we had been cooking on the hob or in the convection oven for a long time! Can’t wait to have an oven in our new place.

Worst memory:

This is kind of a joke but also the first winter we lived when the house was freezing cold and had lots of holes, we had a bit of a mice infestation, and it took us way longer than we thought to catch them (and take them to the woods) – I am not a fan of rodents indoors

so, it’s onto the next exciting chapters, the new house is hopefully going to be a much more accessible space for our lovely older relatives who come and stay and also a bit more room to spread out and for S to have a proper space to work from. But lots of work to do first – we like a challenge though/S is super talented and knows all the DIY things 🙂

3 thoughts on “Leaving our house

  1. Aww even I am going to miss this house haha. I hope your new one has an equally lovely view! Can’t wait to see what you guys do with it. Is it in a similar area of Plym or off in another neighborhood?


    1. haha aww! It is going to be a big change but very exciting! The new one does have a view but not of the river – It’s about a mile away from our place now so a slightly different neighbourhood and very different style of house! You’ll have to come stay sometime when you are in England!


  2. This is so exciting, Ellie! I can’t wait to see what you do with the new house, I’m sure that it will brilliant bearing in mind what an excellent job you’ve done with the old one! Sending you wishes for a smooth and stress free move and many cosy nights in the new house!


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