A trip to Madrid | Weekend adventures

One of my lovely friends from school, Darina moved to Madrid a few years ago, and I have been trying to plan a visit to see her ever since, back in May, I finally made it happen. It was so wonderful to finally visit her adopted home, have a proper catch up & wander around the city, soaking in the lovely sunshine and trying some yummy food. It was lovely and warm, which made a great change from the rainy spring we had been having.

We walked 12 miles the first day and 7 the next wandering around the city, stopping for breaks to read in the park in the centre of the city, relaxing in the sun and we even went boating on the little lake there. I felt very grateful for my lovely hosts and the adventures we had and came home feeling so relaxed and recharged. I was only there for 2 nights but we packed a lot in while still taking time to relax and catch up. They also took me to try lots of the local delicacies like churros, and some lovely tapas and also ice cream the size of our faces. I loved Madrid, with its gorgeous architecture, sun drenched streets and lush green parks. I hope to return sometime soon!

A few snapshots from the loveliest trip…





Such a lovely trip – thank you Darina for having me!

One thought on “A trip to Madrid | Weekend adventures

  1. Such a fun and memorable weekend, I can’t wait to repeat it again some day! Also those photos are beautiful and I’m not sure why but I laughed so much at the photo of the person on the segway in Retiro park!


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