Favourite frames | Early Summer

Somehow, May has whizzed by and 2019 is almost halfway through. I have (of course) been taking lots of pictures, and wanted a better way to share them, so here we are; favourite frames. Tiny (happy) snapshots of a season in 2019. I hope to do more of these in the future as it feels a bit random to start in May/early summer but this whole blog is really just a collection of thoughts and memories and random musings anyway. Maybe I’ll do some backdated ones for Spring and winter of this year too…

Work has been wild and mad recently (and is not pictured), and there is a lot of other stuff going on in the background, this has made it even more important to stop and smell the roses, notice the little things, write down the things I am grateful and really soak up the good moments. There is so much joy to be found in the smallest things and I love to document them. The past few months have brought a lot of change and uncertainty and decision making yet also a lot of fun memories. I’m lucky to have had a lot of visitors down to Plymouth recently as well as travelling to see friends (because S has been away working a lot) so it’s been a quite a social few months.

(quite a few) photos if you’d like to see…

A visit to see a university friend in Somerset to visit the deer and eat our first ice creams of the year in the sun at Dyrham Park. Also, a photo walk to see the rapeseed and lambs, lots of tea & a lovely catch up.

A flying visit to Madrid to see my lovely friend Darina and her adopted home city; we spent a lot of time chilling out in the gorgeous park; reading books, stopping for tapas or churros and soaking up quality friend time. It was the most relaxing city break away.

Wine & Cheese date night at home; a decadent date night for us two.

The soft light in our house on those sunny spring evenings; we are soaking up every second here as we are moving this summer.

An evening walk with a new pal, where we ended up walking 7 miles around the city, stopping to take photos of flowers and views.

Celebrating my grandad’s 88th birthday with buttery potatoes and birthday cake, and a family wide game of wink murder. He amazes me every day with his wit and knowledge and love and kindness. It was so nice to spoil him and celebrate our lovely grandad.

Everything is in bloom and the sight of it makes me happy. Even if my gardener status is very much in the novice category, it lovely to admire all the blooms filling the gardens and parks.

Sister time with Lula in mum and dads garden.

Pots I made…I’m really enjoying pottery and trying so hard to get better. I have found it so challenging yet rewarding in the 8 months or so I have been doing it. At the moment we are experimenting with using slip to paint on the outside hence the pattern on the cup below.

First glimpse of the lido all ready for summer, with one lone swimmer inside. Still trying to decide whether or not to go for a season pass again this year.

A visit from some of my oldest school friends for catch ups, walking to the ruin, drinks in the sunshine and chilling out together. It was so lovely and fun to spend quality time together.



Arches filled with wysteria – a sight that makes my soul the happiest.

A friday off work to hang out with my favourite on his one day off between weeks away on shoots. We went and hung out at our local national trust property, like the old souls that we are. We took picnic ingredients, a blanket and our books; ate sandwiches beside the rose bushes and napped and chilled out in deckchairs before wandering back home for another sleep. Blissful sunny friday.

and just this past weekend, a camping trip with friends in Frome; a sunny spell, pimms round the campfire and lots of stories made for the perfect evening followed by a wander in Frome in the rain on the sunday. A lovely escape into the countryside.


And that’s it, my favourite frames for early summer. I’m loving the light at the moment, it is making me so inspired to pick up my camera and photograph, so I’m hoping to share more here soon.

Have a lovely week 🙂

2 thoughts on “Favourite frames | Early Summer

  1. Loved all of the photos that you’ve taken they’re really getting me into the summer vibes but the weather has been all over the place at the moment!

    Dyrham Park looks lovely! I’m going to have to plan a trip there.

    Adell x


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