January & February | Monthly films 2019

I thought that seeing as this blog is quite neglected, I would use it to share my monthly edits for 2019. I have been making these edits for the last 7 years which is completely insane so there is a whole back catalogue of memories to look back on. You can read more about them in this post – the thing I love most about these videos is that they make me capture joy and appreciate it. If you watched every video, you would assume that nothing is ever sad or hard but of course, it’s life and everyone has hard days or challenges, but choosing which bits of life to capture encourages me to look for the good and the simple joys and for that I am so grateful. It is also means there is a destination for all the pretty videos of flowers I take hehe

The time I dedicate to these has definitely diminished due to my job being 50% video editing but I am so glad that I make time to create them. Hope you enjoy having a little watch!


January was a chilly month full of adventures, we headed to Innsbruck, Austria to get our snow fix, I filmed on Dartmoor, my mum came to visit us in Plymouth, we went to the Eden Project, celebrated my cousin’s 18th and I started a new pottery course.


In February, we had a little bit of snow in Cornwall, spent a lot of time with S’s parents and their sweet little westie dog, drank lots of tea, cosied up in the cold, went to London to see family and friends and headed out on some nice walks.

Will try and post these more often (when I eventually get around to editing them!)

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