life right now | 03.02.19

Written throughout January…

DOING: Mainly working, but have also made an effort to get outside and breath in fresh sea air when I can. I have also been trying to exercise often and started going to a yoga dance class as well as cycling a bit more.

HEARING: music – have been making more of an effort to listen to music and have it playing in the background. So lovely.

DRINKING: tea on shoots, chai tea (caffeine free) at home, peppermint tea & not enough water. Mid winter calls for all the warm drinks right?

EATING + COOKING: made a big batch of Dahl and it was so comforting and warming; sweet potato, chickpeas and coconut milk. Also feeling grateful for past Ellie who filled the freezer with soup, veggie spag Bol & date energy bites – so good on a busy work week. Also eating all the red pesto pasta with veggies and lashings of cheese – still my favourite most comforting meal (ever since I was little). Also we seem to have got into a weekend pastry habit – croissants and danish pastries seem to find their way to our house on a saturday (I’m not sad about it!). I have been trying to make sunday evening my meal prep evening for the week ahead, on the menu this week: courgette, sweet potato & broccoli soup, tomato aubergine lentil pasta sauce, tuscan bean chilli & cooking quinoa to have for lunches.

WANTING: it to properly snow in Plymouth this year. The rest of the country was blanketed late last week, but we barely got a dusting! I did however get to head up to the moors and see them in all their snowy glory for a shoot which was so beautiful and atmospheric.

LOOKING: forward to spring and not being so cold all the time, but I do also love the cosiness of this season.

DECIDING: What to make next in ceramics class, I’m loving lessons this term and actually seeing some improvement which is great! Really enjoying it.

ENJOYING: winter in our sleepy city by the sea. Walking on the beach bundled up in layers, the morning fog lifting from the river seen from the window, soup bubbling away on the stove, padding about in slippers in the morning, fairy lights in the evening

GOING: to my first dance class. My amazing yoga teacher has just opened her own studio and she has also started dance classes there. I went to a taster class at the weekend and it was so fun. I’m definitely not the most natural dancer but it was so fun to move in such a lovely welcoming environment.

READING: I have surprised myself this year but having already read five books, five weeks in to the year. I guess it helps that I was off on holiday and travelling for some of that time but it has made me quite proud as I didn’t spend nearly enough time reading last year. Trying to read a little every day & am using the library a lot as well. So far I have read; The Summer House (** – an interesting read that was translated, and the dialogue seemed a bit off. The story was kind of random too. It was one I picked for the cover more than the story) ‘This is going to hurt’ by Adam Kay (*****) a raw honest look at life as a junior doctor, made me laugh and also want to cry. I whizzed through it while we were in Austria and would recommend!) and then just finished ‘Love Anthony’ by Lisa Genova (****) a slightly chick lit feel but it addressed some important issues like autism and divorce in an interesting way and was all set on Nantucket which was described beautifully!), Meg Fee’s ‘Places I stopped on the way home’ (****) beautifully written and interesting memoir to read, all about love in your twenties and life in NYC. next up: Flight Risk (about a doctor at Heathrow – loving medical non fiction at the moment) & Maggie O’ Farrell’s ‘My Lover’s Lover’

WEARING: mostly the same outfit every weekend. My dungaree dress with a polka dot top and a cosy cardigan. Perfect for winter beach walks, city time and hanging out at home. Also fleece lined tights are life at this time of year – means I can wear dresses to work all the time ✅

BUYING: I’m not really buying much of anything. But I did buy a cosy (and sustainably made) fat face jumper in the sale which I’m excited to wear. I also got an ebay bargain in the form of a light pink corduroy dungaree dress, I wore it this weekend and it makes me so happy.

MAKING: pots! I started my second pottery class two weeks ago and it has been great to get stuck in again. I find it so relaxing and it’s great to be in a group of beginners and all learning together.

LOVING: Wintry beach walks, we headed down to Newquay at the weekend and went for

LEARNING: italian – or relearning as such. I’ve downloaded duolingo and am really loving it as a way to check in with my vocab and do a little every day. We are hoping to head there later this year so am trying to get back my conversational abilities for then!

PLANNING: ahead! For once, I am actually getting organised this year. I got a lovely planner which is really helping and I’m actually trying to know in advance when I’m doing what. Still lots of room for spontaneity but nice to have some things in the calendar. S works away a lot so it is sometimes hard to do but at least a few plans in place is lovely to have.

SAVOURING: Family time – I feel like I also put this for this category, but it’s always true, family time and being with my grandparents is one of my greatest joys.

FEELING: Reflective, this time of year always has me taking stock of what I want from the year.

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