2019 Travel Wishlist | #TravelLinkUp

When I look back at my travel wishlist for 2018 it seems I was very ambitious, but there is nothing wrong with that! I spent the majority of the year working and visiting lots of different places in the south west! I went on two amazing trips abroad last year; they were both long haul and ‘big’ trips (to Asia and America) so I used up all my holiday allowance to do them and I am very grateful for that! But this year, I am going to try and be more tactical with my allowance and try to get away for some shorter breaks! I would love to see some more of Europe as well as hopefully getting one more visit in to see my parents before they (potentially) leave Asia next year.



So, here is my 2018 wishlist:

  1. Innsbruck, Austria – I’d really love to head to the mountains in Innsbruck to see the snow and drink lots of hot chocolate in cosy cafes! I’ve heard it is such a beautiful place to go in the winter and I’d love to take the cable car up the mountain and hike through the snowy wonderland!
  2. Italy – I have been wanting to take S to Italy since I met him as he has never been and I used to live there! I’m hoping that 2019 will be the year, I’d love to show him Cremona (where I lived) and maybe venture to somewhere I haven’t been before too! The rail system in Italy is actually really affordable and easy to use and a great way to get around the country so it would be great to utilise that! But also, the mountains and the bright blue lakes look amazing and you would definitely need a car to get there! Of course, eating all the pizza is high on my list as well.
  3. Bordeaux, France – my aunt lives just outside of Bordeaux and I haven’t visited her in a while so I think it’s time for another long weekend over there, they always treat us to the most amazing food, wine and cheese and have a pool so what is not to love. It’s always lovely to have some quality time with them as well!
  4. Madrid, Spain – 2019 is finally going to be the year that I go and visit my lovely friend Darina in Spain, she has lived there for almost 3 years and I’m so excited to go and see her there!
  5. Portugal – My mum and one of my colleagues, as well as fellow blogger and my good friend Sarah all went to Portugal last year. The cliff paths near Lagos look amazing for hiking and the sea beautiful for swimming.
  6. Slovenia – Slovenia was on my list last year too, so I’d love to make it happen this year! I’d love to visit in the autumn when the trees are yellow and there is a tiny bit of snow on the mountains. Wouldn’t that be magical?
  7. Copenhagen, Denmark – Denmark seems like a cool place and Copenhagen a fun city to go for a city break. A city that is known for its cycle path sounds like a place for me!
  8. Budapest, Hungary – Another European destination I’d love to visit! The thermal baths look incredible and the city beautiful and steeped in history. Flights are often very reasonable so I’m wondering if I can convince a friend or my sister to sneak away for a long weekend!
  9. Singapore – I definitely need to get at least one more visit in to see my parents in Singapore – they have lived there for 3 years now and their tropical paradise home is so relaxing and warm! They may potentially be moving back to the UK later in the year, so I need to get in my visit before then!
  10. Thailand or Vietnam or Indonesia – I’d love to visit one of Singapore’s neighbouring countries while I am out there. These three are top of my list but I can’t imagine I will make it to more than 1! The flights are cheap and very quick so it would be amazing to visit! Any recommendations?
  11. Wales – I’d love to see some more of Wales, particularly the Pembrokeshire coast – one of my friends is getting married this year and her hen do is in Cardiff on a bank holiday so wondering if I can convince S to drive up and do a little road trip for some of the week.
  12. The Peak District or The Lake District – Another one that was on my list last year! I live in the south west of England and last year I don’t think I went any further north than Cambridge last year. I’d love to do a road trip up to either the Peak District or Lake District national park on one of the bank holidays! Who knows though
  13. Cornwall – Cornwall is very close to home for me, yet I still haven’t been any further than Penzance. I know that (deep) west Cornwall is meant to be absolutely stunning, with beaches to rival the Mediterranean so would love to head down there for a long weekend! It’s one of those places that is so close (though still a 2+ hour drive!) that we never make it! We spend so much time driving in the other direction that when we are here, we don’t feel like driving at all so tend to stay quite local and visit the beaches near to us! This year, I will do west Cornwall properly though!
  14. Greece – The beautiful beaches and constant supply of feta and olives have me dreaming of a summer holiday over there. A reading on the beach type of escape!
  15. And a special segment from Seany (my other half) – Top of his list for this year (and every year!) is Japan – he says: “I’d love to experience the Japanese culture, sip green tea, see Mt. Fuji and all the temples” – I’d also love to go to Japan, it looks absolutely amazing steeped with tradition and culture, coupled with speedy trains and stunning landscapes!

I’m sure I will not make it to all these places in a year, but it would be amazing to go to some at least!

I’d love to know your travel plans for 2019 or where you would love to go! Let me know your top place you would love to visit, below! This post is part of the travel link up hosted by Adventures of a London KiwiSilverSpoon London, & Binnys Food and Travel Diaries

3 thoughts on “2019 Travel Wishlist | #TravelLinkUp

  1. Your wishlist sounds amazing! We visited the Dolomites in Italy last summer in our campervan (and then popped over to Slovenia too) and they are both SO stunning, so I hope you get to make it there this year! Portugal is also one of my fave places, and we’re actually heading back there again next month. Have a great year!
    xo April | April Everyday


  2. Ahh I really hope you are able to make some of these dreams come true in 2019!! I would love love love to go to Austria, and pretty much every other place you mention. Wales and Cornwall are of course my all time favorites in the UK, too. And honestly I really want to get my remaining Portugal and Slovenia blog posts published if only so that maybe they can come in handy for you this year!!! I can’t wait to see where 2019 takes you 🙂


  3. I’m a few months too late to this post but just wanted to say that I am so excited for when you come and visit!! Also, this is an amazing list and I really hope you get to visit all these places! I have several on my list (Japan!) and have been to a few others which I think you will like (definitely Copenhagen!).


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