2018 in Pictures.

2018 has been a slow burn year. When I first think of it, I don’t think of it as where anything crazy or life changing happened, but all those happy moments, successes, worries, late nights, and time added up and suddenly 2019 is upon us.

I didn’t change jobs, graduate, move house or do anything crazy like it seems I have done the last few years but it was still a year filled with so many lovely memorable moments.

I worked really hard at my full time job, I made 50+ films, some of my shots were used in a cinema ad and I learnt so much more about my craft.

I completed some freelance work, some of which is now on display in one of the biggest theatres in the region.

It snowed in the south west for the first time in years; we got sent home from work and ended up sledding down our front garden.

I got to travel to see my parents in Singapore with S and we spent time in Borneo seeing the most incredible wildlife up close; monkeys, orangutans, a crocodile, bird life and river dolphins. We slotted into their Singapore life for 2 amazing weeks, eating dinner at their lovely place, hanging out with them and their friends and trying not to melt.

S & I spent weekends walking by the sea, exploring the moors, and dreaming up plans for the future. We grew some fruit and veg in the garden and spent time with our hands in the soil.

I had friends from Montana visit me in Plymouth and we had the best long weekend showing them the best of the south west along with all the local delicacies.

There was the UK heatwave and as a result, lots of outdoor swimming in the lido, the sea and in a river on the moors. It was the most amazing weather and lasted for so long. I really made the most of living by the sea.

Our house became more of a home, and although 2019 will bring more work for it and hopefully some changes, we have made it a lovely cosy place to come home to. Our view of the river never gets old and makes getting up early in the morning much easier.

My sister and I travelled to the USA, my first time back since I lived there 3 years ago, and we went to our lovely friend’s wedding which was the most incredible day, we went hiking in the mountains (+ performed emergency first aid on a fallen hiker), spent time with our amazing American ‘family’, ate a lot of ice cream and took a billion pictures.

I did a pottery evening course, and learnt how to throw pots which was the most amazing creative outlet (+ one I am planning to continue into 2019!).

We also had a visit from Ash (our American sister) and spent cold autumn days in London and Oxford, having art time and warming up inside cosy cafes.

S and I welcomed many visitors to our humble abode and loved showing them our adopted city.

I continued my monthly video series (now going in to its 8th year!) and loved having a creative video project as always. It’s so fun to watch back the really early ones too, and think about how much life has changed since I started making them aged 17!

There were new friends made and the begginings of community in this little city by the sea.

There were many miles travelled and driven, back and forth between family and home. The miles are always worth it and we are so grateful to be able to do it so often. And many stop offs in Wiltshire/Somerset to break up the journey.

And then of course, ending the year with a family filled Christmas in London, catching up with friends, seeing family and carrying out all our favourite traditions.

But there was also the hard stuff too, the day to day worries, the work politics, the hard days where flat tyres, bad news and ridiculous weather all combine to make it a monster day of craziness. Family illness made this last part of the year hard and overwhelming, being so far away, travelling back and forth and just generally coming to terms with the fact that ill health is hard for those you love.

But really, life is always (and has always) been in the moments that make you feel most alive. Those times when the morning fog or the light from a sunset makes you catch your breath, when the wind is so strong it makes your eyes water, when you are bobbing about in the sea and can’t feel anything else but the cold water on your skin and the moment you are in. There were plenty of those in 2018 and I can only hope for more in 2019. I am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities I had in 2018, the family and friend time, the support from them and the ability to travel. And of course, so grateful for S and all the adventures, road trips and homey days we have had this year.

Here are some of my favourite images from 2018. These are of course the highlights and I am sure there are so many I have missed out! And this does not include any phone pictures (i.e. all the random selfies with friends!)


Friends in the countryside, Wiltshire

Mum at the top of the tate, London

Birthday Celebrations for a friend, Wiltshire

Supermoon from the garden, Plymouth

Foggintor Quarry, Dartmoor

Sean, Dartmoor


Plymouth in the snow, Devon

Sean at Whitsand, Cornwall

Making a snowman at work, Plymouth

Mornings at home, Plymouth

Goldfinches in the garden, Plymouth

Filming for a recruitment campaign, Dartmoor

Sean and Gracie on one of the windiest days of the years, Watergate Bay

Adventuring with my partner in crime, Wembury


Amazing Architecture, Singapore

The best dumplings, Singapore

Tropical Oasis, Singapore

Tea in my favourite mug, drunk while watching the snow fall, Plymouth

Snow in March, Plymouth

Pheebs, Totnes

Underneath the Blossom trees, Plymouth

the bright city lights, Singapore


Celebrating a 60th, Cambridge

Golden Fields, Cornwall

Crawling Cousin, Suffolk

City Blooms, Cambridge

Family, Cornwall

Celebrating a 53rd, London

Sunset over the River, Kuching, Malaysia

The city streets, Kuching

Noodle lunch, Kuching

Gorgeous tiles, Kuching


Hiking with Juliet, Devon

Sunset, Newquay

Natalie making friends with the locals, Dartmoor

Saturday morning wander, Mawgan Porth, Cornwall

Cornish Clifftops, St Agnes, Cornwall

A very rainy walk with Nat & Kate, Wembury


24th birthday picnic, Totnes

Sunset at the beach, Bovisand

Sandy shoes, Bovisand

A favourite summer read, Plymouth

Golden hour sitting, Plymouth

Neighbourhood Cat, Plymouth

Veggie Heaven, Plymouth

Sean at work on the Dartington Estate, Devon

Garden grown Strawberries, Plymouth

Isaac at 8 months, London

The shambles, Bradford-Upon-Avon

Mum, Bradford-Upon-Avon

Evening watering the garden at grandads, London

Grandad and his tomatoes, London

Sean on one of the hottest days of the year, Bath

A happy sunset, Plymouth


Fresh summer strawberries, Abingdon

A spot of DIY, London

A family gathering, London

A picnic with friends, London

Building Sandcastles, Watergate Bay

Shipwreck at Sunset, Plymouth

Balloon Man, Bristol

S sorting out the family’s DIY, Watford

Dinner on the hoe, Plymouth


Matching outfits, Cambridge

Feathered Friend, Cambridge

Lu & Tim, Suffolk

Pirate turns 1, Suffolk

Butterflies in the park by our house, Plymouth

Foraging blackberries, Plymouth

Fresh summer salads, Plymouth

National Firework Championships, Plymouth

Veg patch haul, Plymouth

weekend walks, Dartmoor

Tor Climbing, Dartmoor

Misty Sunflower Field, Devon

Brownies for friends, London

Friends and babies, London

A walk with Annabelle, Penzance

Cosy bed, London

Showing my dad my favourite local spots, Cornwall

Lido days, Plymouth

teaching my grandad the art of the selfie, Suffolk


Jenn and Tyler on their wedding day, Washington, USA

The Bridal Cottage, Washington, USA

Connor at Rattlesnake Ledge, Washington, USA

Cici at home, Washington, USA

Lu at Rattlesnake Ledge, Washington, USA

Golden hour dancing at the wedding, Washington, USA

Pinecones, Seattle, USA

Braided babes, Seattle, USA

Meeting a new family member, Somerset

Grandad’s Dahlias, London

Rima at the lake, London


Lunch at home, Plymouth

Lu on a walk, Abingdon

The cosiest evening, Abingdon

Mum and a beautiful leaf, London

Coastal path yoga with Juliet, Cornwall

October swimming spot, Cornwall

Darina, Bath

In my natural habitat, London

Sean in the park, Plymouth

Sisters, Oxford

Treasure, Bath

Sunset walk with my love, Plymouth

Ash on a rooftop, Soho


Sean at Illuminate, Plymouth

An autumn walk with Lici, Cornwall

Amazing views, Burrator

Chai tea on the moors, Burrator

Remembrance pebbles, Plymouth

A self portrait, home

Making cakes with Grandma, London

Golden light at my grandparents, London


Windy beach walks with Sean, Newquay

One of my handmade bowls, London

Our skating tradition at Christmas, London

Frome dressed for the season, Somerset

Eucalyptus & my cosy bedroom at my parents

Festive scenes at my parent’s house, London

Christmas table, London

Christmas dinner for 10, London

St Pauls dressed for the season, London

Me at St. Paul’s, London

Country Walk Sighting, Buckinghamshire

NYE sparklers, London

Thanks for following along this year! There are so many moments in this that I am sure I have missed out! And well done if you got to the end of this very long post! Here’s to 2019 – wishing for it to be happy, healthy and full of joy!

One thought on “2018 in Pictures.

  1. Such a lovely year for you, I’ve loved following along & reading this recap here. And your photos!! Always so impressed, you are truly one of my favorite photographers ❤ It's given me a lot of Plymouth nostalgia. I hope you have such a lovely start to your 2019, and maybe (hopefully!) we get a chance to meet up again this year!


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