50 things that make me happy | Gratitude

My lovely friend Darina did this exact post, and it gave me all the warm cosy feels, so I thought I would do my own. This is a slightly more Christmas/December themed version, but it has been so nice to sit down and take note of all the lovely things that make me happy.

  1. Seeing my family after a long time apart
  2. turning on the fairy lights in the living room in the evening & cosying up under a blanket with S
  3. Seeing the seasons change and how nature changes with it
  4. Skyping with friends
  5. a steaming bowl of porridge on a chilly morning
  6. wreaths on doors at Christmastime
  7. visiting my grandparents at their house
  8. getting lost in a really great book
  9. texting or chatting with my sister
  10. getting cosy in bed at the end of a long day
  11. making films
  12. writing gratitude lists in my journal
  13. dancing round the kitchen with S to our favourite songs
  14. Cooking a veggie filled meal
  15. the feeling after a workout
  16. planning trips for 2019 and the excitement that comes with it
  17. hugging loved ones
  18. winter walks
  19. taking photographs and being inspired by what is around me
  20. morning frost
  21. a bunch of fresh eucalyptus
  22. a long lazy lunch with friends, catching up
  23. phone calls with S in the evenings when we are apart
  24. the feeling of completing a batch of photo editing
  25. lazy weekend mornings with S
  26. writing christmas cards and sending packages or cards to far-away friends
  27. my grandma’s tea – she makes the best tea of anyone I know
  28. slipping on a cosy pair of socks
  29. waking up after a great nights sleep
  30. taking train rides to my family and looking out the window at the beautiful scenery.
  31. Seeing all the christmas lights while walking around the neighbourhood
  32. Watching videos of Decembers past and getting excited for all the family time to come
  33. Naps.
  34. fresh clean sheets
  35. S’s parent’s sweet little dog
  36. Going for long coastal walks and being battered by the wind
  37. a steaming cup of chai tea drunk in a favourite mug
  38. a warm bath in the evening
  39. playing games with family
  40. finally completing a really tricky climb at the wall
  41. Caring friends who see you through the hard times as well as the good ones
  42. Cinnamon rolls.
  43. the whole family being together
  44. the christmas spirit all around at this time of year
  45. Giving gifts
  46. my new found hobby of pottery – throwing pots on the wheels and then painting them and getting excited to see how they turn out
  47. Driving with S and listening to music
  48. Sitting by the fire in a pub on a chilly day
  49. Giggling with my mum & chatting in the evenings
  50. Feeling at home in two places.

I hope that you have a very merry christmas filled with family, good food and warmth!


4 thoughts on “50 things that make me happy | Gratitude

  1. This must have been so cozy and comforting to write ❤ I loved reading it! Also – is that your advent calendar? It's SO cute!!! Where's it from, if so?


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