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Seeing as I edited these photographs quite a while ago, I thought it was finally time I posted them! S & I went to visit my parents in Singapore over Easter this year and it was the perfect combination of chilled out relaxing time, swimming and exploring different bits of Singapore we didn’t get to last time, as well as heading back to some old favourites. Singapore is seen as such a stopover destination, but I always love our time there, and feel like there is so much to do! It’s lovely to see how my parents have made their home away from home in Singapore as well and meet all their wonderful expat pals.

On our first morning, dazed by jet lag, we wandered wide eyed around their neighbourhood, taking in all of the details, adapting to the pace and the heat.

Their neighbourhood is filled with beautiful pink and purple flowers and canals with bright blue water.

The architecture is also to be marvelled at. Amazing shapes and a sight from a distance. We stopped on the island for a smoothie to be shared, mango and passionfruit, just what we needed to give us the energy to get back home.

It takes a little while to get used to the crazy heat of Singapore. It barely dips below 30 degrees celsius and is so humid. It means that all the beautiful flowers seem to be in bloom most of the year though! And it’s not too bad having to cool off in the pool each day hehe.

On our first proper night of the visit, we headed up to a bar with amazing views for delicious cocktails and sweet potato fries. Then we headed over to a lights festival which was really innovative with all its displays.

Marina Bay Sands, the world famous hotel that amazes me every time I see it – it’s like a crazy spaceship right in the heart of Singapore.

Beautiful Mama, grateful for them and getting the chance to go and visit.

These were all recycled beer bottles hung to display as part of this installation.

Completely blurry but I love this photo all the same 🙂

My dad and I stood and watched this tunnel as hordes of visitors passed through each one stopping for their selfie with the lights. The rings changed colour every so often too and it was so cool contrasted with the city backdrop.

Loved watching the boats come in from the windows at mum and dad’s. In a middle of the night jet lag haze, S & I even started tracking them on some website that let you do that. This one was heading up the coast of Malaysia.

On our second day, we headed to the Chinese and Japanese gardens, after a struggle to find them and (a cab driver who was literally whatsapping his friends for directions), they were so beautiful and green.

Love how city and nature seamlessly merge in Singapore.

The bridge to the gardens, like something out of a fairytale.

It was such a lovely way to spend an afternoon, wandering through the gardens, climbing the pagodas and looking across at all the views. There are so many stunning places like this to visit all over the island.


The sky turned moody and grey, so we headed over to a hawker centre for some yummy indian food.

Not before we took a self timer pic or two though!

Love the plants in my parent’s apartment, my mum is so good at making places feel so homely. And the views from their apartment is amazing, the water is so blue!

We also had a fun wander around Tiong Bahru, a lovely neighbourhood filled with colour and street art.


We popped into a shop that had so many delicious looking cakes that we had to get some, they were so yummy.

Cute Mama with our beautifully wrapped box!

A vending machine for all your surprise reading needs!


This yellow tree brings luck, we were told. I love the pretty flowers.

 it wouldn’t be a trip to singapore without a stop at Din Tae Fung for dumplings – so delicious.   

it was such a wonderful time visiting my parents and I can’t wait to go again, it’s still crazy to me that they live on the other side of the world, living the expat life (#goals)

have you ever been to singapore?

One thought on “Singapore Snippets | Asia Trips

  1. Ellie these photos are just stunning – especially the close up ones of the flowers. I aspire to take photos like you one day! It looks like you guys had a lovely time in Singapore. Do you know when/if you’ll be going back there next year?


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