Sunday Snapshot | Autumn Adventures

Sundays are for:

lazy mornings, beautiful light, the slow waking of self.

a leaf through my favourite cookbook and dreaming up all the delights I could make.

a walk through the countryside, deep breaths of fresh air and amazement at the views of our {adopted} home county.

Stroking all the dogs that bound up to us, exchanging smiles with their owners.

walking hand in hand, feet in step, a conversation we keep coming back to, excitement for the future & what it may hold.

tea from the flask, drunk in little tin mugs that S always packs for walks, making us feel like an elderly couple on a day trip.

Autumn colours; bright yellows, oranges and browns, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the wind slightly chilly on our cheeks.

phone calls with my grandparents & texts from far away friends.

soup making, music playing, chilli simmering ready for the week ahead.

a visit to the lighthouse, to pay respects to all those who fought in the world wars. The sound of the marching band playing as we looked at the pebbles painted with poppies as a memorial to all those lost.

and that Sunday night feeling that has recently started to creep in. Not quite ready to greet the new week yet.

These are the moments I will savour and look back on. I just know it.


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