Snapshots from a wedding | USA trip

Last month, my sister and I flew over to the USA for our friends Jenn & Tyler’s wedding! It was the perfect day, and I am so happy that we were able to attend and be part of it! It was so special watching the two of them say their vows, and then celebrating into the evening with them and their friends and family. We are so lucky to have our Washington family and it was just amazing to have so much time together – we stayed for just under 2 weeks with Ash, exploring washington, eating lots of ice cream and hugging all our favourite Americans. I was looking back through the photos and thought I’d share some snapshots from the day, as it was the most wonderful day filled with love. It was so special!

The beautiful venue in the american countryside, the weather stayed the perfect temperature with blue skies all day long.

The setting for the ceremony, it was so gorgeous. Loved that it was warm enough to be outside & the ceremony itself was beautiful, so personal with so many lovely details.

I loved these huge dahlia’s in the grounds, reminded me of my Grandad’s garden in London.

All the dresses ready to go 🙂


The bridal cottage, with it’s lovely pictures and yellow walls.



Spending time with our lovely washington ‘family’ was the best! We made so many good memories on this day and the trip 🙂


The happy couple sneaking away to go and hide away before the ceremony!

We were treated to the most incredible golden hour light, lots of dancing and chatting and cake eating.


There were even paragliders in the valley floating alongside the venue – it was so magical.

The happy couple having their first dance 🙂

Beautiful bride – Jenn looked amazing and her dress was just gorgeous!

Just the most perfect day!

**bridal dress close up & others marked * pictures by Lulu

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