Life right now | 27.07.18

Time for another round of my ‘Life right now’ – I really enjoy writing these little snapshot posts and need to do them more often as they are a lovely little time capsule of the moment. Also, crazy that the last time I wrote one, it was snowing and now it is the hottest day of the year!

Fresh Strawberries
The lido in all its glory

HEARING: the sound of ‘Ocean City Sounds’ a big music festival up on Plymouth Hoe, we don’t even live that close to it, but it is kind of cool to hear the music from afar and think of all the people enjoying themselves at a concert by the sea.

GOING: for runs. I am training for a half marathon at the moment, and really willing myself to enjoy running, but at the moment it still feels like a bit of a chore. I really want to succeed though and so I am trying to run 2-3 times a week and up the mileage each time. It does help getting to run beside the sea, though I’ve yet to experience the elusive runners high.

DRINKING: Lots of Luscombe iced drinks, they are juices and presses made locally here in Devon, and I even know where the factory is. The lemonade is my favourite and so refreshing on a hot day. Also, lots of water and smoothies every morning (current favourite is mango, banana and peanut butter, so simple yet so good.)

READING: I just finished ‘Adrift’ – a memoir about a woman who has to navigate across the sea for 30+ after her boat capsizes. I read it in a day and a half as it was so gripping and I just had to know how it ended. I believe it has been made into a film now, but I kind of think that my spoil it for me, so I’ll be staying away from that for now.

DECIDING: to continue my insta-break a little longer. I realised I was spending a lot of unproductive time on the app and no longer gaining much from it. Definitely miss some of my favourite accounts and connecting with a few people, but apart from that, my mind is clearer, phone battery better and I don’t feel any pressure to document. I still do document of course, and probably take the same amount of photographs, but it’s nice not to think about putting them online straight away.

SEEING: the tomatoes finally ripening in the greenhouse, it’s amazing to see them go from a tiny plant to tomatoes. We had some with lunch yesterday and they were so sweet and delicious. Our neighbour has also used our greenhouse for some of her veg and she’s managed to grow aubergines – so cool to see.

The first tomato of the season from our greenhouse.

EATING: lots of salads & pasta & fresh donut peaches.

HAVING: an old friend from uni to stay with S & I this week was really lovely, we took a walk at sunset and on his last night we drove out to our favourite nearby Cornish beach for an evening dip in the choppy sea. I dream about the times of year when sea swimming is the daily after work activity so trying to do it as much as possible.

ENJOYING: Seeing lots of family lately. My parents are both home from Singapore for their summer visit, so with that has come roadtrips to Bristol, London and soon, Suffolk for catch ups and outdoor dinner shared with the people I love the most. Being able to drive this year has been amazing for it too, especially since S & I can now share the long drive back to my parents house.

VISITING: the lido and the beach and our secret river swimming spot as often as possible. This heat is crazy. Though this morning it finally did feel a bit cooler and we even had some rain, was so welcome after the long days of warmth. Swimming in cold water has been the best thing for it, and makes me so grateful to live by the sea.

Secret swimming spot on the moors.

WEARING: dresses & sandals. There’s nothing else for it in this heat. I feel like I’ve finally got some dresses I really love as well which makes getting dressed a breeze at the moment. My sister wrote a lovely post on Clothes recently which really resonated – I’d recommend a read.

PLANNING: a bit more house renovation stuff, shelves and garden and other little bits, this place feels like our home now which is so lovely and it’s crazy to think of the state it was in this time last year. I’m thinking I’ll post some before/after photos soon!

CRAVING: ice lollies – planning to make my own this weekend.

LOVING: living by the sea. I have really tried to savour these moments of life by the sea this year and I truly love it. I just finished reading ‘This must be the place’ (by Melody Warnick) in which the author carries out experiments in order to try to love where she lives, and it got me thinking that I actually do love where I live. Plymouth definitely has its quirks and weird parts, but overall I am so grateful for the lifestyle and the quality of life and fresh air we have down here. We may not be here forever so I am soaking up life by the sea.

S by the sea on an evening stroll.

SAVOURING: Time with my family, I was lucky enough to have a visit from my Dad this week, and last weekend, we all met up in Bristol to celebrate my mum’s birthday. Also have visited my sister in her new house and heading over to Suffolk for more family time next weekend.

Visiting the ruin with my dad when he visited this week.

FEELING: Inspired by my work. Had some really good feedback last week on a film I had worked really hard on and it was great to feel like the message of it had been achieved. Also excited for this weekend, S & I have barely any plans for the first time in a long time and I’m looking forward to having some quality time just us two, and making the most of a Devon weekend.

Hope you are having a lovely week!

this post inspired by Pip&Heidi Apples

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