Scenes from the weekend | South West

Some little snapshots from the weekend, and also thursday too.

Some new reading material, have loved reading both of these.

We were both exhuasted on this particular evening, but pushed ourselves to get outside, and had a walk around a local lake and park not too far from us, and came across cool ruins, beautiful golden light and a gorgeous sunset.

There is also an abundance of shipwrecks in this particular lake, which is always interesting to take a look at.

Friday evening, post lido swim, post after work nap, had a burst of energy and used it to cycle my purple bike to the river and back.

and found a beautiful cat on my way home.

Saturday morning – Climbing on Dartmoor, near to Burrator Reservoir – this is something a colleague and I had been talking about for ages, and finally did it on saturday. I love to climb, but mainly do it indoors, as outdoors is much more of a challenge. I would love to do more in the future, as it was such a fun relaxing start to the weekend.

Chalk dust in the air.

Once I got home, I made some guac (july lunchtime essential) and then headed out into the city to meet some of S’s home friends, for drinks and england game watching. Definitely an experience to watch it in a crowded pub with everyone singing and getting very into the match.

Then we drove down to Newquay for some time with S’s parents, his brother’s family. Lots of sea swimming and soaking up the sun and lovely time playing in the sand and on the beach.

S & his niece on the beach at Watergate Bay.

The north cornwall coast is so stunning, so much blue, it’s amazing.

S going out for a surf. I also had a go today and it was so fun, definitely want to try again soon! (PSA: Don’t surf near rocks, as it appears S is going to in this picture…he swam to the side as soon as he got past them.)

S and his brother on the beach, we were all in and out of the sea all day and it was so nice and refreshing. So nice to not be completley freezing right afterwards too like usual.

Fruity water every day, so delicious and refreshing.

Rambly post over…Hope your weekend was sunny and full of little moments of joy too.

2 thoughts on “Scenes from the weekend | South West

  1. Absolutely love the photo of the chalk dust! I like the idea of climbing but my arms are like two pieces of string so I think I’d need to work on that before starting or I’d just fall off the rocks 🙂


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