A dreamy weekend | Devon Life

This past weekend was nothing short of dreamy. S is away on a big work project that is taking him away from Plymouth for weeks at the moment (it’s for tv – very exciting!) but he had 3 days off over the weekend, so we vowed to spend it doing as many fun things as we could and savour the city, the sea and each other’s company.

This year, I am focusing on truly savouring and exploring the south west, we have no holidays planned for the next few months because we both really want to soak up a Devon summer. Last year, we were living very simply as this week marks a year since we got the keys to the house. We slept on camp beds for 3 months, while the floorboards were taken up around us and central heating put in. We cooked on a camp stove for a similar amount of time and spent all our spare time painting or cleaning or weeding the overgrown garden. So this year, it is all about spontaneous beach trips, dinners in the park or garden, as much time as possible spent outside and making memories together in this little city by the sea. Why should we go away, when we live where everyone goes on holiday?

Anyway, so back to this weekend, I started out Friday with finishing up work nice and early and heading for a lovely walk to just unwind after the week. I had a lovely long chat with my sister (over the phone) and watched the ferry come in from France. I also picked some strawberries in the garden, we have unexpectedly had loads this year, the plant was here when we moved in but not in good shape, it’s so lovely to be picking fruit and eating it straight from the garden!

S arrived home around Saturday lunchtime, it was warm and sunny, and we both promptly fell asleep as soon as he got home. Saturday naps are the best naps! Then S had to do a bit of admin, so I read curled up on the futon for a while and then I made halloumi wraps with homemade guac and all the extras for the first time in so long.

I also used the time to finally plant this beautiful Bougainvillea that was given to me by a good friend when we went to the garden centre. I hope that it will survive despite my lack of experience in the gardening department!

Later on, we headed to the beach for a beautiful sunset swim. It has been so nice having a wetsuit this year, it makes sea swimming so relaxing and enables me to stay in a lot longer, I will stop wearing it once the water gets a bit warmer in July! Bovisands is one of my favourite nearby beaches, and the one I spent the most time at as a student, as I would often walk there with friends for picnics or for a hike along the coast path with visitors. It remains one of my favourite places, and I love that it is so close to home. We bobbed about in the water for a while, swimming and chatting and reflecting and

We then decided that once we got out, we would head to our favourite veggie Indian restaurant in town. We walked back up the steep coastal path to the car, and there was the most beautiful golden light. I of course had to spot and take a picture…

Then, after a less than ideal struggle with the wetsuits changing in the car park, we were on our way. We now know the owners of this curry place, they always joke that we order the same thing every time and they are really lovely. So, we filled up on veggie korma, buttered chapattis and okra with lots of leftovers to take home with us. 

The long evenings are so light and beautiful so we headed to pick some more strawberries once we got home. It was S’s first time seeing them too!

The next afternoon we headed to the college where S has been working recently, he needed to get a few shots to finish off some films and it is set on a beautiful estate, with tons of acres of land open to the public, so we wandered down to try and spot some deer and ended up sitting beside the river reading and chatting and taking photographs (& video).

There was a wooded area that had a deer jump (you could compare how far you could jump in relation to a deer…) – not sure S is quite there yet though…

We wandered through the beautiful forest and fields and kind of felt like we had stepped back into Montana. The huge pine trees and meadows reminded me of the bozeman summer.

I found a huge woodland full of wild garlic, so picked lots for pesto making later on.

Thanks trail marker for being the tripod 🙂

Then we drove to the actual sight of the college and it was stunning, so maybe beautiful flowers, sweet cottages (where students and staff live, work and study) – these stunning blooms were by the doorway of S’s office!

We also went to explore (& for S to get some shots of) the huge field beside the college where all the food and flowers are grown to then be harvested for food and decoration within the college. It was amazing to see all the different types of fruit, vegetables and herbs that were being grown sustainably and organically on such a large piece of land.

There are also chicken and geese there, and I loved seeing them.

S showed me around all the buildings and lecture rooms, beautifully decorated with flowers, and with the loveliest architecture.

There was even an outdoor lecture theatre!

The dinners are served nightly and all the food is vegetarian and harvested from the aforementioned field. We sat outside as we ate and it was so delicious.

Once we got back home, I washed all of the wild garlic I had picked and made a quick pesto! I just googled a recipe for it and substituted it with what we had. It was delicious and I have been eating it all week!

That evening, we headed to the park as well for a quick sunset stroll and to soak up the views.

Before quickly checking the strawberry patch for a few more strawbs.

Even though I had to go back to work on Monday, and S was working from home, we decided to try and make it still feel like the weekend. He met me for lunch (benefits of small city living!) and we had delicious sourdough pizza from the market before heading to see the graduate degree show for our old course. It’s always fun seeing the new work that people produce and it was lovely to catch up with an old lecturer too while we were in the building!

My favourite exhibition, one of the students had filmed a yoga video and this was how it was exhibited! It encouraged you to have a go at the video, relax and do some yoga!

And then on tuesday morning, off he went again. The weekend was so wonderful and really encapsulated the reason why we live here. The perfect combination of city and coast and countryside.

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