A rainy walk by the coast | Devon Adventures

2 weeks ago, two lovely friends (Nat and Kate) who I met when I was studying abroad in Montana came to visit. It was the best, we had them try all the British food, went exploring through London, Devon and Cornwall, and had lots of giggles at the funny situations we seemed to end up in. On their first full day in Devon, it poured with rain, so after some scones by the sea, we decided to brave it anyway and head up to a spot near Wembury, where you often can often spot horses. Nat is obsessed with horses, and works with them, so was hoping to see them, and we found them hanging out under a tree. We got completely soaked but it was so fun, we chatted and giggled and looked out at the views, and then headed back into Plymouth for the most amazing Indian food.

Anyway, enjoy these pictures of baby horses in the rain 🙂


I took my camera out only a few times while we were out, cause it was raining so hard. My camera did stop working for a day too, while it dried out, oooops. I really should get a camera bag/rain cover I guess!

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