One day in Kuching | Asia Trip

While visiting my parents in Singapore last month, we went on a trip to Kuching and the surrounding areas in Borneo, it was incredible, we saw so much from crocodiles, to river dolphins, to orangutans in the wild, and also got to experience a city built right in the middle of the jungle. We ended up just having one day to explore the city (which was plenty, and we still saw so much!) as the other days we were either in the countryside or looking for wildlife in the jungle. I loved how colourful Kuching was, the north and the south of the city compete to have the most beautiful well kept part of town, so it was lovely to see all the bright buildings, and fun street art. These images were taken on an afternoon wander on our last day there before heading back to Singapore.

Kuching means ‘Cat’ in Malay, and so there were lots of references to that, from statues of cats on roundabouts, to murals and also lots of street cats stretched out in the street. This was my first time visiting anywhere in Malaysia, and I really loved it, the people were so kind and generous with knowledge and help throughout our stay. It was a beautiful place to see, and I loved capturing lots of the details of the city.

so here are a few moments from that day in Kuching…




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