The moors in the winter | Dartmoor

I finally got around to editing some of my backlog of photos, and thought I’d share this set from some shoots on the moors way back in February. It made me think about all that the moors have come to mean and represent to me. The moors are such a calming, beautiful and also wild place. Many a Sunday has been spent there, wandering the hills, trying not to get too lost, warming up in the pub on the route home, getting caught in all weather conditions and finding new paths and routes to tread. It always feel like an adventure whenever we go there, and we never know where we’ll end up.

When S & I lived above a fish and chip shop, the landlord used to let us tag along on his 7 mile walks every Sunday, complete with three bouncy labradors which gave me such a better understanding of the landscape, but even so, it is still such a magical place filled with mystery (side note: it is important to stay safe in…carry food, layers, water, a paper map, have a turnaround time especially if you are walking in winter! We have been there, and narrowly avoided spending a night lost in the woods, late last year, when the winter light caught up with us, but thanks to a kind stranger who gave us a lift back to our car, we were fine and warm and safe.)

Back in February, as part of my job (I work as a videographer/filmmaker at a big organisation here in the south west), I spent a handful of days filming on the moors, working on a documentary project (which I won’t go into details about here) – but long shoot days meant lots of downtime, waiting for rain to pass, light to return to the exact spot we needed it to, shot changes, outfit changes (for the subject) so I brought along my own camera to document both the behind the scenes of the shoot and the beauty of the moors. So, here are some of the moors shots…these were all shot over a few different days, hence the varying times of day and weather conditions. I just wanted them to be somewhere other than sitting on my hard-drive.

These were all taken in the area surrounding Burrator Reservoir, it’s only about 12 miles outside of Plymouth but feels like you have completely escaped the city and civilisation.

Amazing green forests and giant evergreen trees, we stayed in this spot for ages, waiting for perfect light.

You don’t have to walk very far, for amazing views of the tors and reservoirs.

 This dog, who ran right into shots, and was the cutest thing. His owner asked me to take these photos, and was holding treats out to keep him still. See below, for what he was usually like!

On one of the days, we were up there for sunrise, with a 5am start on a saturday, when it’s -3, that is not particularly appealing, but these amazing views made it so worth it, and they showed up especially well on video.

 The morning fog was just beautiful drifting in and out of the hills and over the reservoir.     Cloud hanging in the valley, it was raining on and off all morning and because it was so high up, we could see the storms coming and going on the horizon.    

 Looking out over the landscape. 

Thought I’d throw in one of me at work, lucky to do something that lets me be creative pretty much every day, it’s all kinds of wonderful. And it was about -3 on this day in February, and I was wearing about 7 layers, so toasty!

When none of the other team members brought a hat, I was more than happy to lend the four I managed to have with me…

I love seeing all the wild ponies on the moors, they rarely seem to even notice that you are there and you always find them just standing in the middle of the roads when driving around the area.

Long awaited blue skies, signalling that spring was on its way. And now it’s here, nearly three months later.

So, that’s it, a rather random look into a few visits to the moors – I’ll try to get better at photo editing quickly…and actually write about things near to when they happen, but no promises…

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