Life right now | 22.03.18

So, I loved the format of this post so much last time that I’m doing it again, sometimes I need the prompts to actually write. Especially right now, as my brain feels like mush and I have a million and one things to pack and do and sort out, cause tomorrow S & I are headed to Asia for two weeks! Exciting times though we have hardly had a chance to get packed or excited about it because work has been crazy and has taken on a bit of a 24/7 feel for both of us in the last week! Freelancing (in the evenings and on weekends) and working full time at the same time is no joke. S also picked up a few last minute project which saw him go off to London for a weekend just this past weekend. Anyway, on with this post!

HEARING: the rain on the window outside, it’s so calming!

GOING: Climbing often. It’s the best, and there was one time this week, when I felt I had unlocked some sort of super strength when I completed a really difficult route that I had struggled with the session before, the best feeling.

DRINKING: mainly juice, and water. A little bit of herbal tea, the occasional hot chocolate at a work meetings. It’s got so cold again, it has felt needed. Excited for fresh juices and smoothies in Singapore – all the amazing hawker centres (like food courts but better) have them and they are so refreshing!


DECIDING: what to pack, which books to take.

ENJOYING: the snowfall. We had a second snowstorm last weekend here in Plymouth. The snow only lasted a couple of hours, but I happened to be out in it (cycling home from lunch with friends), and the snow was so heavy that I had to stop and walk cause it was coming down so fast that I couldn’t see! I stopped in the park and took some pictures, in awe of how beautiful it was. Even this morning, I could still see it on the tips of the moors in the distance.

VISITING: my parents, from tomorrow onwards! Excited for exploring, hopefully seeing some amazing wildlife, catching up with my parents and eating some delicious foods.

WEARING: I made the mistake of wearing spring tights instead of the wooly fleecy ones I have been coveting all winter, and it was freezing. Plymouth is not quite ready for spring yet. I am excited to be wearing summer dresses from Saturday onwards even though the heat is going to be intense!

PLANNING: Our Trip! We leave tomorrow (!!) and I can’t quite believe it! So ready for a break from work (even though I really love it) and to see my parents, and to adventure with my best friend and go to two new countries (Malaysia & Indonesia!) – just a 13 hour flight to get through first.

CRAVING: Family time, still and always! My sister sadly couldn’t make it for our weekend visit (the snow shut down the rail lines) so planning another one for sometime soon. (Very excited for that!) – also hoping to see my grandparents before our flight and maybe pop in to see some friends on our way back!

LOVING: my job. I always that being a photographer/videographer meant the freelance life; long hours, no rest, constantly searching for work, and also getting to live your dream and passion and choose all the projects you work on. It was all those things and more when I was freelance but I am so happy that I discovered this job that I love, with a team who are so supportive and wonderful and get to work on super creative projects every week.

SAVOURING: The lighter evenings, the early mornings, the bites of cereal sat in bed, when I’m so sleepy that I just crawl back in for a few minutes, to eat it and look out at the view. Sleepy evenings, dinner at the tiny table in the kitchen, more lovely flowers around the house, long phone calls with friends far away, handwritten letters & a comfortable bed to sleep in everyday. I’m also savouring the smiles from the familiar strangers on the bus, the waves from acquaintances at work when we pass on campus, team lunches, and the little intricacies of working as part of such a big organisation. It’s still pretty new to me, and I’m enjoying the process.

FEELING: a bit tired. Work has been crazy full on, and even when you love what you do, it can get a bit much. I am ready for some time away, to hopefully come back feeling refreshed and ready to finish off the ton of projects I have to complete. Once we get back from Asia, I’m also excited for Spring, for the blossoms to bloom, and for some more outdoor shoots now that the weather will hopefully cooperate.

Hope you are having a lovely week! You can see more of my adventures on instagram if you please –

this post inspired by Pip&Heidi Apples

One thought on “Life right now | 22.03.18

  1. I enjoyed seeing all the vibrant, colourful photos from your trip 🙂 When the mornings are lighter, I like to eat breakfast looking out of the back door (to see the garden and birds). But I squeeze in every last minute under my duvet during the Winter.


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