A wander around Totnes | Slow Sunday

I love Sundays.

They have taken on a new meaning since I’m no longer freelance. I now, rarely work on the weekends and love how relaxed and lazy the weekends feel.

It started with a long drawn out lie in, reading in bed, and a delicious omelette cooked by S (he’s much better at making them than I am), a tiny bit of admin that needed doing, and then I headed to the train station, where I got on the train to Totnes. The ride winds through the beautiful Devon hills and valleys, making for a lovely relaxing journey.

I hopped off the train, and met a pair of sisters, lovely family friends I have known my whole life, we greeted each other with hugs and immediately started talking nineteen to the dozen, having not seen each other since autumn and catching up on each other’s news. There’s something about spending time with people that have literally known you forever and the shared memories that come with that.

I had only visited Totnes once before, despite the fact that S works right by it, and that it is pretty close to Plymouth. Once we started walking into the town, we realised that a town in the Devon countryside is not the most happening place, and that almost everything was closed. It was nice wandering up the picturesque high street though, looking in all the shop windows, and seeing all the pretty colourful houses on the backstreets. It started to tip down with rain, and we found a cosy tea shop for a lunch stop, complete with doorstop slices of lemon drizzle cake and lots of chatting.

We then headed for a walk alongside the river, Totnes is in a valley, and surrounded by beautiful green hills and lovely footpaths alongside the water.

It was cool to see the town from afar as we wandered through the woods and past the fields. The perfect place to spend a Sunday, wandering and catching up. Sunday walks are definitely good for the soul. By the time I got back to Plymouth, it was pouring down with rain and I was so grateful for a lift from S. I heated up some veggie meatballs and made a quick tomato sauce, and we ate dinner with the fairy lights on and have spent the evening cosied up in the lounge listening to the rain on the windows.

A Sunday well spent 🙂

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