Life right now | 2.03.18

hot chocolate and snow

So, it’s March! Don’t know how that happened! 2018 is flying by and the days are just going. Somehow, spring is almost here (though not this week!) and weekends are filling up with plans and work is filling up with shoots. Things are good, but it’s one of those times where my feet are barely touching the ground, and stillness is only found on Sunday afternoons. Until this week, when a snow storm has brought the county (and most of the UK) to a halt, so here I am, back to blogging.

A snowy Plymouth Hoe

DOING: lots of work. I was advised not to go into my office yesterday or today because of the crazy weather (snow, gale force winds, freezing rain!) we are currently having in the area, so working from home it has been, and though it is blissful to be able to edit from bed, it has been kind of tricky to keep the cabin fever at bay.

HEARING: the wind rattle the windows, it’s coming in huge gusts and battering against the windows. Also, listening to podcasts – loving What She Said and as ever, This American Life.

DRINKING: lots of hot chocolate. ‘Tis the season.

EATING + COOKING: this week I made a huge batch of our favourite soup, Anna Jones’s Leek, ginger and sweet potato, it’s hearty and filling and we eat it with slices of sourdough bread and with crispy kale on top. I have also been obsessed with the combination of chilli jam and goats cheese on toast. Delicious and filling and all sorts of yum. And S came home with a huge bar of dairy milk yesterday too, so also enjoying that too…Planning to make ‘meatless meatballs’ again soon, composed of lentils, aubergine, olives and walnuts (they taste better than they sound!)

Chilli jam & goats cheese on toast

WANTING: the weather to clear up so my plans this weekend don’t get cancelled. It’s not looking hopeful though…as the train lines are down and the roads are all blocked. My sister is meant to be coming to visit, but unfortunately it looks like the trains will be down. Fingers crossed.

LOOKING: Out of the window at the snow mostly, and in between that, at my screen, as there are edits to be done and scripts to be written.

Deep snow on Campus

DECIDING: what to have for dinner. whether to venture outside. what to do this weekend if all is cancelled.

ENJOYING: the sight of snow layering the garden and the hills in the distance. It is truly doesn’t feel real. (Plymouth NEVER gets any snow in any form usually.) and I am loving how pretty it is making everything. Also, catch ups with friends, on Facetime and on the phone, it’s so good to have catch ups, and plan for adventures in the next few months.

READING: Re-reading Sarah Moss’s ‘Names for the sea: Strangers in Iceland‘ since I loved it so much the first time. I love the kind of non fiction that make you feel you are away in their world, living out the author’s experiences. Also, lots of blog posts, my current favourites are Endless distances, Olivia Bossert, Wooden Window Sills & Heidi Apples.

WATCHING: I still love Call the Midwife, and cry pretty much every time I watch it, and we also started watching Animals with Cameras which was a pretty interesting and hilarious look into both the making of a wildlife show, and the secret lives of meerkats and gorillas. Also, watching a show called Impossible Railways, since S shot some of the footage for it. So proud of him and was so exciting to see his name on the credits.

VISITING: the beach, as often as we can. In freezing temps and in spring sunshine, now that the evenings are getting longer, we are taking every opportunity.

WEARING: all the layers. It truly is freezing and the coldest I have ever known it to be in Plymouth. -4 was the low yesterday and the windchill was insane.

Sean at Whitsand

PLANNING: to put together all my 2017 photobooks soon. I have been going through and deleting all the rubbish photos and duplicates and properly editing the rest. I take so many photos that I end up making a mini photo book for each month (A6 size) as well as a big one of the whole year. Loving seeing them all and remembering all the lovely moments.

CRAVING: Family time! Living 4 hours away from family can be a bit tough sometimes and I miss being able to head over to my grandparents for lemon squash and card games whenever I please. Planning to head back for a visit very soon.

LOVING: the life S & I have together. Eggs for breakfast, reading at night, walks on the beach at the weekend, giggles every day and the kind of love that is hard to put into words. Feeling lucky. Also, making an effort to have flowers around the house, it’s so lovely now our house is finally starting to feel like a home.

SAVOURING: The snow, of course. It’s unlikely to happen again for a very long time, so we’ve been taking walks and sledding in the front garden, building snowmen and staring out the window whenever it starts again.

snow by the seaside

FEELING: excited. This week, S & I finalised our flights and booked to go and visit my parents in Asia in just a few weeks. Hoping we will get to see Indonesia as well. I also got insured on S’s car this week, and drove on real roads (albeit slowly) for the first time since I passed my test, almost a year ago. Excited to actually be able to drive places now, and the hunt for my own car is on pause for the moment.

So, that’s what is happening right now, hoping to blog more soon, and hoping to think of a new name for this space too, a redesign too perhaps…when I find the time! Hope everyone is staying safe and warm with the snow and that your weekends are cosy and lovely.

this post inspired by Pip&Heidi Apples

2 thoughts on “Life right now | 2.03.18

  1. Ahhh Ellie I love love love this format so much that I’ve just written my own monthly recap in this style! Looks like life is treating you well lately ❤ I'm so glad you're getting to go to Singapore (it's Singapore where your parents are, right?).


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