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The other day, S and I were talking about 2017 and how it seemed like a year of hard work, long distance and then working on the house, and how hopefully 2018, will be a year of getting to enjoy all that work, and having some more time to travel. In 2017, I was lucky enough to travel to Singapore (to visit my parents), Scotland, France and was also sent to Canada and Holland on work assignments, it was a wonderful year, and I’m so excited for the plans and travel dreams I have for this year!

I thought I would joining in with the #travellinkup today, to talk about my plans for 2018, so far!

Snowdonia – this year I am determined to finally go to Snowdonia, S & I have been talking about it for actual years now, and we are both keen to hike some of the hills and maybe Mt. Snowdon too. He went there for work briefly last year and I was wishing I could tag along, so determined to make it happen this year.

Copenhagen – Copenhagen (+Denmark in general) have been on my list for a while now and there is a semi plan in place to head there with two of my friends who I met on exchange in the states. Would be a lovely place for a long weekend, and i’d love to hire a bike and cycle around the city. Any tips welcome!

Singapore (+hopefully Thailand) – My parents are currently living out in Singapore, so I was lucky enough to go and visit last May for 10 days of warm tropical temperatures, and exploring lots of the country’s sights as well as spending some quality time with my parents. I am hoping to return this year for more of the same and maybe a hop over to the beaches of Thailand for some snorkelling as they are so easy to get to from Singapore!

Seattle (+maybe Montana) – One of my friends is getting married this September in Washington State, near to Seattle, and I’m planning on going to the wedding (along with my sister), and so excited to see her marry the love of her life as well as visit some lovely friends who are like family to us. Also, looking forward to being back in the states for the first time since I lived/studied there in 2015. I’m hoping that if there’s time, I might even try and head back over to Montana (my old home state) to visit some of my friends who still live there. Also hoping for hikes, campfires and donuts; which will all make me nostalgic for my time over there.

Italy 🇮🇹 – S & I are celebrating our 4th anniversary of being a couple this spring, and it is also his birthday in the same week, so hoping to do some sort of trip or road trip to celebrate/have a holiday. Italy is top of our list, and I have so many fond memories there (and speak some Italian) and he has never been so I’d be excited to show him around and eat all the delicious pizza and pasta. We are hoping to do a road trip around the north heading to the Dolomites as they look absolutely breathtaking!

Madrid – one of my best friends from school has lived out in Madrid for over a year now and somehow, I still haven’t been to visit her! So this is the year that I plan to go and I’m so excited to see her and get a tour of her adopted home city. Would love to explore, eat some tapas and see the sights there.

Dream destinations:

Slovenia – Seeing all of lovely Sarah’s posts about Slovenia this year, has really inspired me to go there. I had considered it before but never looked into it properly, and the outdoorsy, environmentally friendly culture sounds right up my street! Would love to do a road trip, with lots of hiking up mountains to see the beautiful views.

Western Canada – I would love to head over to the west coast of Canada, to see Lake Louise, all the national parks and visit some of my dad’s family who live out there.

Japan – I feel like Japan is one of those kind of places on everyone’s bucket list. The culture and country are so unique and I would love to experience it. I feel like it would be a photographer’s paradise, that would be amazing to shoot in, especially if it was during the Cherry Blossom season.

Where are you headed this year? Have you ever visited any of the countries above? Any tips are very welcome!

Thanks to Adventures of a London KiwiSilverSpoon London and Follow Your Sunshine for hosting this month’s Travel Link Up about Travel Wishlists and plans for the year of adventures ahead, excited to join in with this link up from now on!

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2 thoughts on “2018 travel plans | Travel Link Up

  1. Ahh yay you’re back at it Ellie!! These plans sound so lovely. What time of year is your friend’s wedding in Seattle? I may be out there at some point this year, too! Can I also say that I really hope you make it to Slovenia too?! Just because I know you would love it so much.


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