Fall in Canada | A few memories

Back in October, I got to go to Canada to make some films for an amazing water charity and just wanted to document a few memories from my trip. I spent a few days with family and family friends, and a few days on a retreat with the charity, I always feel so lucky that I get asked on occasion to travel on assignment. This particular trip was back when I was freelance full time, where as now I have a full time job, so I thought it would be fun to document a few little thoughts from this trip!

  • Sitting around a campfire in Canada, taking photographs and video for an amazing charity and wondering how on earth I got there.
  • Jet lag hunger pangs that had me eating cubes of cheese on the subway at 9am (packed for me by the family friend I had stayed with the night before!)
  • Jumping into a freezing bright green pond at 7 in the morning with a new (crazy) friend.
  • The bright yellow autumn leaves.
  • Cuddles from my sweet little cousin.
  • Eating dinner at my aunt’s house in Toronto, 10 years after the first time I visited.
  • Seeing a dear family friend, and spending 24 hours with her. We packed in a lot. So many giggles.
  • Walking around Lake Ontario, with winds so strong that it made my eyes water.
  • Amazing vegan food at the retreat and delicious snacks all through the day.
  • Meeting people who you just click with straight away.
  • Having wonderful conversations about water and the environment
  • The fact that everyone had reusable water bottles on the trip.
  • Making films and sharing ideas.
  • Teaching the participants at the retreat tips and tricks about filmmaking, was so fun brainstorming and seeing them put it into action on social media in the weeks after I got back.
  • Driving through the Canadian countryside.
  • Having long drawn out conversations with my cousin in the evenings, catching up on so many things.
  • Going on a hike around the retreat centre through the beautiful woodland.
  • The fact that the rain held off til the exact moment I shouted cut on the last day of filming.
  • Being so exhausted and happy after rushing around all weekend to get the shots.
  • Running around a park after my little cousin, and it being the most beautiful light.
  • Getting a free upgrade for the longer of my two flights home, the extra legroom was much appreciated.

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