Some thoughts on Winter | a list for the season

Winter is one of my most favourite times of year, it is the time when the clocks go back, the nights grow darker, and the daylight becomes minimal as the air grows cold and damp, and you don’t dare leave the house without at least 5 layers on. I don’t mind the cold, and love the cosiness and festivities that the season brings, it is a time of hot drinks, layers, glittering frosty mornings and twinkly lights. I felt inspired to write a list of things I’d like to do this winter to embrace the season, and enjoy it to its fullest, cause sometimes those dark days get a bit too much and you need lots of lovely things to look forward to!


  1. Long country walks – so this is something I do all year round anyway, but in the winter, it feels that little bit more magical, from waking up early, heading out and seeing the frost, to spending all outdoors bundled up in the bright winter sunshine, it is such a special time of year, and I love getting outside to enjoy it.
  2. Board game evening – would love to do this at Christmas time, while I am back in London with the family 0r with friends.
  3. Buying a car & go on more adventures – so, this year I set myself the goal of passing my driving test and getting a car, I passed the test in March, and have decided that December will be the month that I finally buy a car, as I have been saving for it, for quite a while, I can’t wait to be able to have the independence to drive and go on many more adventures.
  4. See some snow – in Plymouth, we rarely get any snow, but drive about 15 miles to the middle of the moors, and you usually get to see beautiful flurries floating down from the sky on to the moors, and ponies. I can’t wait to head out there and see all the snow, it’s such a lovely way to spend a Sunday. We also love walking with our friends and their dogs, so hoping to go on a few walks with them too.
  5. Bake some ginger cookies – a good friend of mine baked me delicious ginger cookies a few months ago and I have been wanting to make some ever since! So yummy!
  6. Give to a meaningful cause – the festive period always makes me want to give in any way I can to meaningful causes, this year, I’m thinking about the refugees in France, struggling through the winter, and in great need of help. My wonderful friend Sarah has helped to start a charity shop with the organisation (named ‘Women without Borders’) she has been volunteering with in France (head over to her blog to read her honest and inspiring blog posts about her time there) and it would be amazing to give some of the products as gifts knowing that the money will go to people in need. I would also like to set up a monthly donation to a charity that I care deeply about.
  7. Sing some carols – Excited for my sister to play the piano and for us all to sing carols around it maybe, I love all the festive music that gets played at this time of year.
  8. Decorate the house – this is the first Christmas in the new house, and I’m hoping that we will get to decorate with fairy and maybe even a tree? The house is still in a semi renovation state and neither of us are into crazy crazy festivities, but it would be fun to have a bit of Christmas cheer around the place.
  9. Star gaze – I grew up in the big city, and remember counting the stars I could see from my bedroom window (spoiler: usually less than 10) but living in Devon means I now have access to countryside with barely any light pollution. I am hoping that one night we can drive out there with a flask of hot chocolate and some blankets and properly look at the stars.
  10. Spend lots of time with my loved ones – I am so excited to spend almost three weeks with family and friends, playing silly games, carrying our traditions and catching up. I’m so excited for all the quality time and know I will appreciate it so much, having been in Devon for a good two months without a visit back to see everyone. Also, excited for S & I’s ‘fake Christmas’ tradition that we do every year, the weekend before Christmas, we wake up, open presents, go out for a roast and a long wander around a cute seaside town before playing card games and falling asleep in front of some random documentary in the evening. We don’t ever spend Christmas day together but I love that we always have this one day to celebrate it.

What are your favourite parts of this season? Photographs from my time living and studying in Montana back in 2015. What a winter wonderland it was!

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Winter | a list for the season

  1. The first part of your post sums up exactly how I feel about Winter. It’s my favourite time of year and the cold makes me feel happier in my own body (if that makes any sense at all). About number 9 — on Monday, I said to my husband I wanted to take the camera and tripod to a nearby field and take a decent photo of the stars. With hot chocolate of course. I think you and I could go on lots of adventures together if we lived closer. You’d be doing number 7 on your own though, I can’t sing to save my life!!


    1. Awww Gemma! Thanks for the lovely comment! 🙂 I totally get what you mean about the body thing too! aw yes star photos and hot chocolate would be the dream! And yes, I think so too (& I would love that!), we would be doing lots of walking and baking I’d say!


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