Some moments | Life Lately

Hi, yep, still here! Sporadic posting is just the way I do things, apparently.

The past few months, have seen a trip to Canada to make films for an amazing water charity, the start of a new full time job (making films), a permanent move to Devon, and lots of lovely memories.

Here’s what I’ll remember from the past little while:

The train ride back to Plymouth and the feeling of arriving home.

The same faces in the morning on the bus to work, as I wonder what their lives look like, and what their stories are.

The walk home, the darkness falling earlier each night.

That coastal smell on weekend walks.

A cluster of sea glass and shells, lining my pockets each time we return home.

The tap in the kitchen that never stops dripping, no matter how hard I try to turn it off.

The autumn sunshine, reflecting on the leaves all over campus.

The morning greetings from my team, as I hang my coat up each day.

The soft sounds of music playing as I go about my evenings. (Ben Howard  and Kina Grannis are usually my music of choice.)

Dancing around our bedroom in the mornings, and giggling at each other’s silliness.

That feeling I get when I complete a new (and difficult) route at the climbing wall.

The bubble of the soup I cook at the weekends. (it’s this recipe and it’s flippin’ amazing)

Phone calls with my grandparents and hearing them chuckle down the phone line.

Smiling to myself at work, as I edit a video. Still pinching myself that I get to do what I love.

Cycling downhill. The best feeling. Uphill just isn’t as fun.

Cuddling one of my dearest friend’s new baby. His world is surrounded by love & it makes my heart so happy.

Having friends to stay and showing them my favourite places.

Driving down country cornish roads, with a friend I went to school with.

That smell of bonfire that lingers in the air all throughout November.

Ginger tea and drinking great gulps of it to warm up from the cold.

Weekend naps. Never appreciated them as much as I do now I work full time.

Being okay with not knowing everything, for once, and just trying to learn as much as I can.

Going to the park on my lunchbreak to take photos. Taking half an hour to just be creative for the sake of it, was good for me.

Having warm baths and feeling toasty all night because of them.

The view from our bedroom and taking time to watch the sunrise every morning.


Thanks for hanging around and reading if you still are – I’m much more active on instagram and love posting there.

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