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Recently life has been a bit crazy but lovely, full of amazing family time, summer adventures & making lots of lovely memories, and also some harder things such as family health issues that I won’t go into as those stories aren’t mine to tell. I just think it’s important to note that when things look bright and perfect on social media, they never are, as no one’s life is ever perfect – I just choose to focus on all the good things I am grateful for & so lucky to have!

And now for some happy things:

-Meeting my new baby cousin this weekend, he is only 2 weeks old and a bundle of cuteness, had some lovely cuddles & took him for a little walk around the neighbourhood to give his parents a break. I hadn’t held a baby in about 3 years, and I’d forgotten how tiny they are, he made the cutest noises and had the softest skin, I can’t wait to watch him grow up. 

-I am now kind-of-sort-of based in Plymouth. I lived there as a student up until a year ago, but as of a few weeks ago, I am now technically based here, I will be working in London quite often I imagine but for now my base is in Plymouth! S recently bought a house with a friend & we have slowly been doing it up, painting walls, putting door handles on & taming the garden and it makes you so grateful for all the little things that get done; like having a door handle on the bathroom door or having a blind on the window. When we moved in there was literally nothing that didn’t need doing & now it sort of feels like a home! There’s still lots to be done, like the whole kitchen (!!) and the central heating, carpets, cupboards etc but I can’t wait to see what it will be like in a few months and how much we will appreciate it then!

-All the pretty wildflowers that summer has given us – I love looking at them on coastal walks & around town, especially the pink fireweed, that’s my favourite!

-Old family friends who are pretty much family, coming to visit Plymouth, we went to my favourite ‘city’ beach just to the East of Plymouth at Bovisands and played catch in the sea, ate ice creams and wandered along the coast path. It was so fun to have them in town for the day and spend time soaking up their good advice and company.

-Watching the National Firework Championships at the seafront, the fireworks going off and being reflected on the sea was so amazing to see! So much so that we went both nights!

-A week with my aunties and grandparents by the sea – they came to visit last week and it was nothing short of perfect, we walked by the sea, sampled a few national trust cafes, went on a boat trip, ate pasties, watched the ferry leave every evening & played many games of cards. I will be treasuring their time spent in my favourite seaside city forever. Was a little bit sad when they left on Friday!

-Getting some new freelance commissions – so excited to get stuck into some new projects in the south west.

-The way my grandfathers eyes lit up when we mentioned chocolate when I visited him in hospital this weekend, that’s where I get my sweet tooth from. We snuck in some chocolate brownies which he loved!

-Sailing around Orford – while in Suffolk this weekend, we went sailing to a little peninsula with all of her family, and little newborn cousin in tow as well! We had a picnic on the grassy dunes, paddled in the sea, chatted to lots of new people & saw lots of tiny lizards! It was such a fun unexpected way to spend a summer Sunday!

-S calling me at the exact moment I was walking out of the station to let me know he could come to pick me up – I hadn’t even told him what time my train was getting in, as he’d been on a shoot all day, so he didn’t even know I was in Plymouth yet. It was so nice getting a lift, driving home in the sunshine & not having to carry my heavy bag all the way home!

-Editing photos in the evenings in our very cosy lounge, my project this summer is to finally get pictures printed and into albums, as well as editing all the good ones and deleting the rubbish ones! Hopefully this will mean some more posts of all these photos I am finally editing!

-Picking blackberries in the park near our house – we headed up there this evening to try and see if we could see the eclipse or part of it, as we had read it could be seen from the South West, but without any googles, it was hard not to be blinded, so we ended up just picking berries instead to freeze for smoothies. As S was picking some, these three little kids came and started helping him, they stayed for ages, chatting & telling us all about the blackberries (as their parents looked on) & basically being S’s fan club! It was hilarious and sweet!

Thanks for hanging around and still reading! What are some of your happy things recently? Tell me three in the comments?

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3 thoughts on “A little list of happy things | Life Lately 

  1. Looks of nice news 🙂 I’ve been mashing blackberries down into juice and adding it to fizzy water with some crushed mint, it’s really refreshing on a hot day. There are less blackberries around this year because the council cut the hedgerows along the lanes just as the blackberries were ripening — boo! Reading about you sneaking in chocolate brownies made me chuckle hehe.


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