Life around here lately | the past few weeks

Life around here lately has been wonderful, and busy and full of exciting things, so much admin and all of the packing. I thought I would just share some photographs of the last few weeks.

Right now, I feel as though I am at a crossroads, torn between two cities, hoping that some potential job opportunities might lead me one way rather than the other. S bought a half a house, and so we have spent many weekends and evenings there, painting, tidying, trying to make it into a space that we will love, and hopefully that I will get to live in too. There have been miles and miles hiked, train journeys taken, friends seen and new ones made. It is hard to put into words all that has happened, as when I look back, I see all the moments as threads, weaving together to create this life. But I guess that is what memory is, a sea of experiences and thoughts and feelings all bound together that come rolling back in snippets.

And when I remember this time, I will think of riding my bike up countless hills, and the smile that can’t help but sneak its way onto my face every time I feel the breeze behind me as I pedal, the sea air and taking great gulps of it on coastal walks, the smell of the pasty shop as I walk by it on my lunchbreak, the soft pages of the brand new books in the bookshop that I look at when I have a spare few minutes in town, the thump of the feet of the dogs as they run down the stairs to greet me after work, the smell of the fryer once the fish and chip shop we live above closes, the train ride back to london and the announcements I know by heart, the route I can trace knowing every landmark, every seaside town and country village we cross.

The bustle of the capital as I make my way from Paddington to home, to the solace of my parent’s garden, and the walk to my grandparent’s for lemon squash and jam tarts, freshly baked that morning, the hugs from old friends, as we rush to catch up. S finally meeting friends of mine, that long distance and life abroad have delayed.

Eating outside, and enjoying the cool english summer breeze on my shoulders. The evenings in, listening to the rain, cooking favourite meals, sitting with the sweet little dogs that live at this place, talking about our days to each other, going for evening walks through a neighbourhood that I will miss, the simple pleasures that I will never take for granted after spending so much time apart. Walks along the coast path, dipping my toes in the milky blue (or sometimes grey) water. I do love this city.

Today is the last day that I am 22. So I guess that’s why I’m feeling so nostalgic. Here are some photographs, if you’d like to see!


Sean, Plymouth

Rainy evenings at home, Plymouth

Eilean in London

Golden light in the garden, London

Gardening grandfather, London

Learning how to tend to tomatoes, London

The view from the train, Dawlish

Me at 22, Devon

Evening light on the train, Devon

S on a walk, Plymouth

A little black cat, Plymouth

Political doors, Plymouth

Neighbourhood cat, Devonport

Wildflowers in the park, Devonport

Evening at the park, Devonport

Ferry Port, Barbican

Southwest coast path, Jennycliff Bay

My favourite blue, Jennycliff bay

Sea paddling with Sarah, Bovisand

Moors walk with P, S & the dogs, Dartmoor National Park

Fergus & Arthur, Dartmoor

Summer greens, Dartmoor

New friends, Tamar Valley

Mooooooo, Tamar Valley

A little bird, Tamar Valley

Painting at the new house, Plymouth

Although I usually work freelance in London, I was lucky enough to land a 6 week contract in Plymouth so it has been lovely the last few weeks, to live here again and spend lots of time outdoors in the beautiful weather. I’m hoping to write more soon! Thanks for reading the ramblings as always.

5 thoughts on “Life around here lately | the past few weeks

  1. Reading all the recent events in your life (big and small) bought a smile to my face. Exciting news about the house! Making somewhere feel like your own is always the best part 🙂

    P.S. Black and white cats are the best.


    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment Gemma! 🙂 nice to know that someone is reading these ramblings! I know they are sweetest cats! They look so mischievous!


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