A little film of a trip to Iceland | Stories from the Road

I went to Iceland last May for a week (actually a year ago to the day/week!), with the coolest bunch of Montanans (some of whom I knew from my Study abroad in MT in 2015!) and some who I was just meeting as we arrived! We road-tripped all around the ring road, stopping to run around behind waterfalls, dip our toes in the Arctic Ocean, befriend horses and eat our weight in Icelandic chocolate.

It was the trip of a lifetime, a crazy adventure filled with funny moments and brilliant people, and the kind of stories that you’ll maybe one day recount to your grandchildren – that time when all six of us slept inside a pick up truck in a gas station car park surrounded by the arctic ocean and some mountains because there was a 50mph wind storm that was overturning cars in the surrounding villages so we couldn’t pitch the tent, or that time we tried to take a detour but the potholes were six feet deep so we decided to camp there instead, and skim board all over the snowy plains until sunset (at 1am) feeling like we were the last people on earth with no houses or cars or people as far as the eye could see.

We visited in May, the time of year when the sun decides it doesn’t really ever want to set, so we had daylight all the time (which we weren’t expecting – we thought there’d be a few hours but it was all night long – we really did do our research…), the headlamps we packed rendered useless and the feeling of having all the time in the world. Living entirely in the moment, without the sun to guide when we should eat, sleep or wake. It was blissful, surrounded by 5 of the most wonderful people I know.

This weekend I finally finished editing my little film of the trip, which for some reason I just couldn’t before now, but now it is done, right on the one year anniversary of the trip.


4 thoughts on “A little film of a trip to Iceland | Stories from the Road

    1. It really is an amazing place! Aw so cool that you also visited some of the same places! It is magic there!


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