Postcard of 2016 | Little films

2016 on film.

what a year. A year of growth and change and travels and the end of university.  A year of family celebration and my parent’s move abroad. A third year of loving him, making so many memories and finding ourselves living 4 hours apart. the transition from university to the ‘real world’, many film shoots, train rides, miles covered, sunsets seen and walls climbed. A year of learning (& still learning, always learning) what gratitude really means and what I want out of this life of mine. A year of friendship and catch ups and adventure days. A year of hard work, essays written, films made, and footage archived. The year I graduated, tried to learn to drive, travelled around Iceland, and had so many lovely times with people I love. A year half by the sea and half in the city. A year of sea swimming and rock climbing and lots of walking. I love filming all the little moments that make up my everyday. Hope you like this video of my 2016.

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