Travel Wishlist for 2017 | New Year

Way back in 2011 (6 years ago!!), I wrote my first blog post on here titled ‘top 11 places I want to travel to‘, (when I was just 17!) all about the places I wanted to visit the most! It’s so fun reading back and realising that I have in fact ticked off some of those dream places already (and that was my lifetime list!) such as Seattle, Iceland, Edinburgh and Paris.


I thought, seeing as it is the first day of the year, I would write a little list of some of the places I would love to travel to in 2017! Some more do-able than others!


My Parents moved to Singapore a year ago! And I still haven’t managed a visit out there so 2017 will be the year for it, as it is their last one! It will be so lovely to see their tropical island home and stay in their lovely apartment near the marina! Although I’m not a lover of the heat, I’m excited to go to Asia for the first time and see all of the wildlife there as well as the famous singing trees!


When I was a kid, I vowed I would never go to Oz, due to their high population of scary 8 legged friends, but my opinion has since changed, luckily! S used to live in Oz, so I would love to visit Perth, where he resided, combining it with a visit to see my lovely friend Em! This might be possible as it’s not super far from Singapore!

3/Budapest, Hungary

The open air baths look amazing as well as lots of historical sites around the city!

4/Isle of Skye/ Scottish Highlands

Having had a brief taster of the Scottish countryside last year, I would love to go back and see more of the beautiful mountains and lochs! There has been talk of a camping trip with some Bozeman friends so maybe can make this one happen! The Isle of Skye in particular is somewhere that looks so stunning and somewhere I would love to go so much!

5/Faroe Islands

After visiting Iceland (and loving it!) last May, this set of islands is next on my list! They look so remote and full of stunning natural beauty! Not sure I’ll make it there this year, but it’s somewhere I’d love to see someday!


Denmark just looks so cool and I would love to visit Copenhagen and maybe some of the countryside too!

7/Glacier National Park, Montana

I lived in Montana for the best part of 2015, and never made it to the natural wonder that was Glacier National Park located way up north! I’m considering a return to my sweet Montana home in the autumn to make some short films, and was considering reuniting with the iceland crew for a trip up there – would be so cool!

8/Vancouver, Canada

Lots of my family’s extended family live in Vancouver, so I would love to go and visit as well as go to Vancouver Island! I’d also love to venture further into British Columbia and seeing the bright blue lakes and gorgeous mountains!

9/The Peak District or the Lake District

Having spent much of the last few years finding places to climb mountains and see beautiful lakes, I’m amazed that I have never been to the peak or lake district right here on my doorstep! It is a bit of a drive but maybe in the summer there will finally be time to go and climb some English peaks!


The sparkling blue waters are what draw me to Croatia! I’d love to go hiking there through the hills and see some of the beautiful views!

That’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll get to at least some of these in 2017! #travellinkup

18 thoughts on “Travel Wishlist for 2017 | New Year

  1. It looks like Scotland is high on the list for a lot of bloggers (including me!)! It’s super exciting that your parents have moved to Singapore, though. I went for the first time in 2015 and absolutely loved it. The food there is so amazing, and it’s such a well-organised, fun place to visit!

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  2. Great selection here! I always wanted to visit the Isle of Skye, but never quite made it when I lived in the UK. It looks cool. You’ve got some unique spots too like the Faroe Islands, I’d be keen to hear about those! Enjoy your travels!

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    1. I know, it’s funny how sometimes you don’t make it to places so close! trying to see more of the UK this year!


  3. I’d love to go back to Singapore! We visited on a 3 day stopover to Australia (which was also amazing), but so much has changed there since we visited like the Gardens by the Bay!
    Vancouver looks amazing too – I’d love to do a road trip from Vancouver to Alberta to see Banff National Park! We just went to Croatia for the first time in October and it was SO amazing! Definitely one of my favourite countries! We only visited Dubrovnik, but I’d love to go and see more like Split and Plitvice National Park!
    xo April | April Everyday

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