A weekend visit to Kew Gardens | London Life

Last weekend, my sister and I headed to Kew Gardens (London’s botanic gardens) for a morning of sisterly fun and to see all the gorgeous autumn leaves among the trees there. I hadn’t been in quite a few years (having not lived in London for 4) and so was excited to see how it had changed and what was the same!

The current winter openings have a reduced price as they are refurbishing one of the glass houses, so we happily didn’t feel too guilty about only spending a couple of hours there! The water lily house is also closed for the winter (sadly – that is one of my favourite parts!) but the Palm house (with its built in aquarium downstairs) is open so we happily escaped from the cool November air to the warmer tropical temperatures of the glass house almost as soon as we arrived!

img_6975 img_6976

The plants hang from the ceiling down and wind their way around the spiral staircases, there’s a hazy fog that weaves its way through the leaves as the light streams in through the glass walls. On a crisp cold Saturday morning, it was just what we needed.

img_6982 img_6999

I love the architecture of the Palm House, the winding staircases, the arched walls, and the way you can wander along the walkway at the top and look down on all the tropical plants. We then decided to brave the cold again to take in the yellow trees and all the stunning autumn colours.


There was some photo taking from both sisters. Lu’s blog is here if you’re interested…as we took in the vast grounds making up the gardens, we definitely could have spent all day quite happily wandering around taking photos and videos and seeing all the various areas and small gardens dotted around Kew.

img_7045 img_7069 img_7083


We had fun frolicking through the leaves, throwing them up and crunching them beneath our boots. The morning light was gorgeous, hanging low under the branches, warming us from within.


We ended our visit with the treetop walkway, an elevated circular platform walk high above the trees. It was beautiful, even if it did sway side to side a bit…

Feel very grateful to have really lived the season this year, taking every opportunity to go outside and walk this autumn. It’s really one of my favourite times of the year!


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”  – Albert Camus

2 thoughts on “A weekend visit to Kew Gardens | London Life

  1. Your photos are gorg. What camera do you use? I tried to go to Kew Gardens last summer but our London plans just got away from us. I’d love to see more posts about London life, I’m so curious!!


    1. I use a Canon 600D but edit with vsco! 🙂 Kew is beautiful! Try and go in the spring when everything is in bloom! I have a few london posts in the drafts! 🙂 its lovely to be in the city at this time of year!


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