A morning at the Barbican Conservatory, London | #Garrelsroamfree

During the weekend where our lovely american friends-who-are-like-family visited, we spent a morning at the barbican conservatory in the city. It was a beautiful oasis of plants, cacti and water features all within a glasshouse attached to the barbican centre. It was dreamy and such a lovely way to while away a morning! 🙂 I can’t wait to return, it felt like a city escape as soon as I stepped inside. and I’m always looking for ways to do that. It was a wonderful morning with the best friends; chatting, walking around and doing what we all do best (taking photos of it all!)


The architecture of the buildings in the barbican estate are so cool with so much greenery integrated into them, I love all the plants hanging off the balconies and the fact that it breaks up the brutalist design.


The tower blocks are super imposing and I always wonder what the view from up there would be like since its so close and central to the city.


A rare portrait of Steve who prefers to stay behind the lens!


Once we got inside, I was amazed by the array of plants seamlessly integrated into the space, I guess that’s a sign of a good greenhouse/conservatory!


Our crew wandered around looking like we were on a camera workshop, each of us had at least one camera on us and were snapping away the whole time! barbican-12

Sean & Ash being cuties!


Loved these pink flowers growing over the windows! So pretty!


These cacti were my favourite, ever since we discovered a room full of them in Edinburgh, I’ve enjoyed searching them out, since they are so fun to photograph!



So much green, it was lovely to have time to wander with all my favourites!       barbican-1


Action shot of SV in the courtyard as we were leaving!


And a picture of the whole gang before we left in the morning! Since, I have no pics of Cici, Lu or Con – thought I’d better include one of the whole crew!

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