I graduated! | Graduation Day

Yesterday, the day finally arrived! It was my turn to graduate! 🙂 I still can’t quite believe it happened and I never thought I would actually do it in a way! But it was honestly one of the happiest and most positive days I’ve ever had and I was surrounded by my favourite people, had great conversations, got to celebrate and it was super sunny and gorgeous weather up on Plymouth Hoe where it is held! Also, got a surprise when I found out that I had won ‘Student of the Year’ for my course, and in a twist of fate, so did S – so we happily celebrated our first class honours and dual awards yesterday by throwing hats surrounded by family and friends as well as yummy food and some champagne! It was so wonderful to have my closest family around for a few days in my favourite place! Also, cool to wear the gown and throw the hat! So grateful for my lovely family and still can’t believe they came all that way for me to celebrate! It was just the best day! And now I’m a graduate!


iceland-video-22 iceland-video-23 iceland-video-24 iceland-video-25

Photos by my mum, dad and Lulu!

More to come 🙂

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