A magical few days in Cornwall | Weekend Adventures

img_5368Last weekend, I hopped on a train west back to the place I called home until about a month ago. S still lives there, and seeing as freelance work was a bit slim to the ground, I thought I may as well take advantage of the last few weeks without too much going on, and visit S as well as soak up a bit more sun and have a beach day in Cornwall. S picked me up from Plymouth station and then we drove another hour down to Newquay where his parents have their caravan based as they had kindly offered it to us for the weekend while they weren’t there.  img_5363 One of the best things about staying there is the lack of internet and phone signal. It is blissful to not have to think about emails or texts or being connected. It is honestly one of my favourite places because of the peace it brings me. It is also one of the cosiest places I have ever been. I had never spent much time in caravans before, and spent some of my childhood tent camping, but over the last year or so since S’s parents have had theirs, I have really started to look forward to and enjoy the time spent staying there.

We headed straight to the beach (a short walk away) once we had unloaded the car, and spent a long while dipping our toes in the icy water and strolling through the little caves there, and just taking it in. The sea is where I feel the most at peace, I just love it. It started tipping down with rain, but we didn’t care, we kept wandering and then went back up the very steep steps to the top and looked out towards the lights across the bay. We walked down to a bench on the side of a cliff and chatted away until it got too chilly to stay there.

Then we spent the evening snuggled up in the caravan, eating pasta, watching random bbc 4 documentaries, playing cards and just being present. It was bliss.


We woke up the next morning to the sound of rain on the roof and a few cows in the field outside the window, we ate some breakfast and then headed off to explore the beaches nearby. We drove a little ways away to a beach called Mawgan Porth that we hadn’t been to before, and just happened to drive through. It looked beautiful and so we started walking along the coast path and the weather was a bit wild; sea mist creeping towards the shore that turned into low visibility fog then gale force winds and a rain storm that left us a little soggy, and then suddenly bright warm sunshine, we walked about 7 miles in total along the clifftops, seeing the views, stumbling upon cows, not seeing too many people (until we got to the national trust part of the coast path then it was friendly retirees galore) and just feeling really happy to be out walking in nature with such wonderful views. Both of us had our cameras (I mean, we are filmmakers/photographers so how could we not?) and so it was nice to be creative and take some videos and pictures of the wonderful surroundings.


Once we were back at the beach, we were starving so had a little car picnic and a nap for me before S headed out into the surf, while I sat on the beach, reading and petting all the dogs that ran over to me. After a while, S came back and convinced me to get in the sea with him, so we both swam and jumped about in the waves for a little while before it got too chilly and we got out and headed back to the caravan for warm showers, more pasta and cosy times 🙂

We both felt so grateful to have had the time to switch off and enjoy each other’s company so much. I loved being able to just wander above the water, swim and walk through nature. Cornwall is just something else in terms of the views and the water is this perfect milky blue colour, it’s stunning!

The next morning, S had to work so we left early to head back to Plymouth, both with happy hearts and muddy shoes. A weekend well spent I’d say. We’ve promised each other that whenever we can, we’ll head down there for more comfy cosy weekend, with beach walks and fish and chips, and winter evenings cuddled up with the fairy lights and blankets. I can’t wait.

img_5429 img_5444 img_5466



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