Iceland by iPhone | May 2016

Back at the end of May, I got a train to London and then hopped on a three hour flight to Reykjavik, Iceland. I had wanted to go to Iceland for so long, and knowing it was so close made me want to go even more. So, when my friend Nat, one of my closest pals from my time studying abroad in America asked me if I wanted to join her and four of her friends for a week long road trip, you can only imagine how excited I was!

It was one of the best weeks of my entire life, Iceland is a crazy beautiful country filled with amazing natural wonders, friendly people and a whole lot of wilderness to explore. I also was so kindly welcomed into the group and feel I have made such good friends through it and it was so good to have a week of quality time with Nat there too! 🙂 We all had such a wonderful time and will hopefully get to travel again as a group soon!

I’m still editing all the photos from my camera so thought I would share my iPhone pictures from the trip, I didn’t take too many as I didn’t really carry my phone around too much (which was amazing!) and so these are just little snippets!


Straight off the plane, we drove a few hours before stopping at Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall that you could walk behind! 🙂 First waterfall of the trip (and of many!) – this was just as I was catching up with Natalie and getting introduced to the group. It’s strange to think how much closer we all got during the trip!


Nat snapping away on her bright yellow hasselblad! Can’t wait to see the results!


Behind the waterfall! Raincoats were necessary as there was so much spray but it was stunning! IMG_1509

So excited to be with Nat again! 🙂 It was chilly, too!


While we were driving we saw what looked like a glacier poking out the side of a hill, we took the next dirt track that looked like it led to it and then kept going until we found a footpath and a hut and an amazing view of this glacier and the lake beside it. It was amazing and the first of many side of the road secrets.


The colours beneath the ice were absolutely amazing – so blue, we spent a long time trying to take it in. It also stretched back so far!


This is a really blurry photo but this was at 1 or 2 in the morning – look how light it is! We were just about to head to bed on the first night when this was taken.


A view into a Fjord as we were driving out of where we camped! We pulled over here and found a tiny waterfall falling gently down the cliff side.


Blurry photo of Cami with a pile of sandwiches! We made a habit of making lunch while driving and it was like a production line. Worst when on dirt roads but hilarious and such yummy sandwiches! 🙂


An example of an easy to pronounce icelandic word! This was outside the visitor’s centre at Vatnajokull National Park (0ne of three in the whole of Iceland!)


The crew hanging out at the bottom of the waterfall after a hike!


The waterfall they were sat under surrounded by basalt columns. So cool!


The mountains and the glacier at Vatnajokull! We went on a long hike and saw amazing views.


Hiking towards the mountains.


A bridge we found on the plains below the glacier.


Somewhere I had really wanted to see while in Iceland was Jökulsárlón which is a glacial lagoon connected to Vatnajokull (the largest glacier in Europe!) – you can sit and watch the ice bergs float out to sea. We got there at midnight and the light was amazing, there were seals swimming around and a flock of hundreds of birds that chased us at one point. I may or may not have cried with happiness. It was a crazy experience and so amazing to see these huge blocks of ice the size of cars heading out to sea. We stayed for over an hour watching and listening to the sounds of the ice breaking off (like thunder!) – I have much better photos that I took on my camera….One thing we learned in Iceland – go to the touristy places late at night and you’ll have it all to yourself! IMG_1566

A black sand beach in southern iceland, we climbed all the rocks here and watched the waves.


Sandwich making out the back of the truck every lunch time – we ate well on this trip and dessert sandwiches were something that the americans introduced me to – peanut butter, nutella and apple!


Driving down a snowy dirt road filled with cracks, we eventually had to stop cause there was a 6 foot deep crack that would have damaged the car pretty bad. But we ended up camping beside it as it was so beautiful and a road that no one else was silly enough to drive down!


Amazing camp spot – it literally felt like we were the last people on earth!



Admiring the views – somewhere in north east Iceland.


Always love going places that I can wear my hiking boots – it means its an adventurous place 🙂


A 2am sunset after playing in the snow for hours!


Sunset from the truck bed – also the head lamp hanging down – we didn’t need it! Midnight sun had that covered for us! IMG_1600

#Everywhere2016 was the hastag the group used for their whole trip (they went to a lot of places!) – So one of the days I wrote it on the truck!


Dettifoss – the waterfall with the largest volume of water in Iceland! And a full rainbow!


Album cover photo by a waterfall!

IMG_1619 IMG_1621

Gorgeous golden sunlight and a yummy dinner in our air b n b – it was on a sheep farm surrounded by mountains and looking out onto the arctic ocean.

IMG_1624  IMG_1629

Golden hour from the air b n b!


Views onto the farm and towards the mountains! IMG_1658

On our last night of camping, there was a crazy rain and thunderstorm which meant that all six of us had to pile into the truck to sleep. Three of us slept in the back, and three in the cab in a random supermarket car park. Pretty funny. Especially when we woke up to loads of local walking by.


The great oatmeal disaster of 2016….


Reykjavik street art – this one reminded me of something out of Dr Who!


Finally wearing my sandals in Reykjavik after it being hiking boot terrain for the majority of the trip! It was pretty chilly (about 8 degrees) but we all wore sandals and felt like hardcore icelandics.


On our last night, we found this amazing ice cream place that did two for one so ended up all getting ice cream and then getting shared seconds and basically gorged ourselves on ice cream and sat outside and ate it in the freezing cold. A great way to celebrate the end of the trip 😀

Such a wonderful trip and these are just tiny snippets! 🙂 Video to follow!

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