Rame Head, Cornwall | Weekend Adventures

Rame - through the window Rame - little boat Rame - window sitting Rame - chapel on the hill Rame - flowers on the cliff tops Rame - Blue viewsJust wanted to share some pictures of our trip up to Rame Head a couple of weekends back, I had wanted to go there since first year having heard lots of people tell me how beautiful it was. It’s a bit out of the way though and so I hadn’t made up there yet. This particular Sunday however, S & I happened to have a shoot at the beach in Cawsands, a little village not too far along the coast from Rame – it’s a hard life being a filmmaker eh?

So, on the way home, we decided to take a little detour to the cliffs of Rame. And how stunning they were, it was windy and you could really feel the elements, but so gorgeous to look out and see an expanse of ocean and the beautiful blues of the sea and the sky. There were wild ponies grazing in the fields, groups of people sat on the cliffs having picnics, chatting and reading books, but once you got over the hill with the church perched on top, there was virtually no one and it felt as though the world was ours.

We could see Devon on one side, and Cornwall on the other, and we sat looking out at the view for so long, it was so calming and made me feel so relaxed and small in the best way; instantly taking the worries away.

I can’t wait to return. I am currently working on my final film for my degree and the hand in is just four days away. After that, just one more module til the end of my course! I can’t believe how quick three years has gone! So many days are being spent in front of my edit at the moment, therefore making me wish for more days like this! 🙂 But I’m also enjoying the process of editing this and savouring these last few weeks!

I feel so lucky to be living so close to such beautiful views and want to explore so much more of the coastline around here!


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