Life Lately | Easter in London

Something I realised recently is that this Easter is going to be my last official university holiday which is crazy to think about. The last three years have flown by and I can’t believe I will be graduating in just a few short months. I am excited for the future, for moving out of my student house and into a real place to call my own (maybe…), the prospect of setting myself up as a freelancer in a city I love (not sure which one yet…) and the thought that the future is wide open right now (naive I’m sure). I’m also kinda nervous since there aren’t really any plans for much right now, apart from some paid film projects over the summer and a couple of trips to Iceland to work on a conservation film I got awarded a grant for (exciting!) – [anyone who has any iceland contacts (particulary in the conservation field, let me know!)]

But these past few weeks have been blissful and busy, tiring and relaxing; full of lovely long days in the city with friends, long dinners, admiring the spring flowers and eating a bit too much chocolate (and also spending some time at the dentist – not directly related to the chocolate eating….) I thought I would note down a few things I’d like to remember (like I used to back in the Italy days of this blog).


Swiss Cottage - blossoms


Richmond - Grassy puddle


IMG_0731Egg naan rolls _MG_0169

  1. Blossom trees in Bloom: the trees this year have been so beautiful and I have been taking extra time to stop and appreciate them and point them out to whoever is with me because I haven’t seen blossom in at least two years and it’s pretty exciting to me (this time last year, I was knee deep in snow in Montana.) They were so many lovely ones in London while I was home and since I have gotten back to Plymouth, the ones here have bloomed too yay! I even dragged Lici to swiss cottage to see the ones in the park by the leisure centre there when we had a spare hour before E’s birthday meal as I was so desperate to see the trees so thanks for the companionship liss! 🙂
  2. Catching up with friends: being back home for a few weeks was so good and felt so refreshing to be there for an extended period of time rediscovering lots of favourite places. It was also lovely to catch up with friends who I hadn’t seen in a few months over smoothies, walks through secret gardens, the city, on missions to cupcake shops and while wandering the shopping centre of our youth.
  3. Cuddling my cat: She is currently on an extended holiday at my grandparents house while my parents are living in Asia for the year so it was lovely to get to go and see her every few days and give her some cat cuddles!
  4. Playing cards with my grandma: she is literally the only person I can play with where we can play for hours and hours and not get bored; only stopping when it’s time for tea.
  5. Leon Lunches: hosting some guests meant showing them around the city and you need fuel for that so Leon lunches were the go-to option. Their halloumi wraps are so good, it’s addictive.
  6. Visiting the more touristy parts of London with American friends; it’s always lovely to see the city with fresh eyes, and spending days running around with good friends showing them favourite hidden spots as well as the famous parts too!
  7. Quality family time; on Easter sunday, and throughout the 2 weeks I was home. Was lovely to be able to see everyone, pop over to my sister’s house for dinner in the evening, chat with my mama all day long and visit with my grandparents. It does make me want to move back to London. Maybe soon, maybe not…
  8. Celebrating 2 years with my favourite boy! Although we didn’t get to celebrate together in person on the day, we did send cards and it was so nice to chat about all the things we’ve done together in these two years, in some ways it feels way longer and in others, it feels like yesterday (ah cliché).
  9. Chai tea at Dishoom – it’s the only thing I will break my caffeine ban for….Also, egg naan rolls at Dishoom – so yummy! 🙂
  10. Wandering around London; with friends and alone. Finding alleyways and bright doors and blossom trees and mews. I love the city and all its corners.
  11. Being home alone. There’s something about being able to sing all the time that is good for the soul.
  12. Exploring a beautiful garden centre in Richmond with Eil & Lici – so many photo opportunities and lovely displays and flowers to smell. It was also followed by cupcakes and a long wander by the river. The perfect recipe for a fun morning.
  13. Baking a cake: I don’t actually enjoy cake but love baking and since it was S’s birthday, I baked a very chocolately cake for him complete with raspberries and icing. I also never bake at uni so it was nice to for once.
  14. Finally getting my teeth sorted. I had been putting off going to the dentist and went over the break. I feel so much more confident about my teeth now and happy that I actually got them sorted!

Now, I’m back in Plymouth and it’s the final two months before graduation! I can’t believe uni is nearly over but at the same time, the contact hours this term and last have kinda felt like we already have, (4o minutes a week….) so I have been getting on with work and projects, freelancing where I can and building a network of people to make films for. The rest of the weekend’s plans are some sea swimming, more filming and lots of editing!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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