Exploring Dartmoor | Weekend Adventures

Dartmoor - river and trees

As part of my effort to explore more of my local area and go on weekend adventures, last Sunday, the boy and I set off in the car to explore a bit more of Dartmoor National Park which is about 12 miles from Plymouth so close enough for an afternoon or morning stroll.

After a morning smoothie and a big brunch, we set off and drove the half an hour or so up to the edge of Dartmoor, I love how the landscape changes from an industrial city and busy roads to a sudden contrast; green rolling hills and amber coloured heather dotted across the moors.

We had decided to go no matter what the weather, and the forecast had said it would just be windy, however once we got to the area we were planning to walk in, the wind was battering the windows of the car and the rain was coming down in sheets. But we were prepared with walking boots and waterproofs, wooly hats and a few layers of socks. And we are British of course, so we can’t let a little rain stop us from doing things.

There was a thick fog covering the moors as we started wandering and we couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of us, which made it kind of daunting and we were quite cautious at first for fear of losing our way on the tors. My grandad always says that Dartmoor is incredibly bleak which had never been more true than today, but it is also beautiful, even in the rain. There were a group of a couple of other walkers a bit further ahead of us who were very prepared, and they had OS maps and waterproof backpack covers so we did end up following them a bit til we got our bearings. I had been to this area of Dartmoor before, which was good as otherwise I think we would have been really lost!

The weather was kind of crazy for the first little while; the moors are so exposed which means the winds are so strong, I kept feeling like I was gonna get blown away. There were little groups of sheep dotted all over the rocks and they appeared to be in their element, ready to leap off the rocks at any given moment. Later on in the day, we saw some sheep leap over a stream which was pretty amazing/hilarious. We must have walked about 4 miles in total across bogs, through a forest and along a stream all by being battered by wind and rain and losing ourselves in the fog. It was wonderful to explore a different part of our back yard and spend our last Sunday before the beginning of the semester being outside!

Here’s a few photos of our adventure in case you’d like to see:

A thick layer of fog covered the moors for the first few hours of our walk
The tors of Dartmoor
We wandered into what appeared to be a Christmas tree farm!
Wild Ponies grazing among the trees
Moss covered trees covered in Rain Drops
Layers of fog coat the trees


Despite the weather, it was a wonderful day and I loved being out in nature, able to explore and not be scared of bears (like in Montana!)

Do you have any favourite places that you like to go on the weekends?

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