Stranded in abandoned America | the adventure archives

As I am not as organised as I wish, photos often sit on my hard drive for months and months before I get around to editing them. I shoot in RAW as well as the more traditional JPEG format and they obviously take longer to edit, but I love the options it opens up. Last year, I lived in and travelled around America (have I not mentioned that before?) and have lots of images from that time, I want to put them somewhere apart from my hard drive and various photo books I have made so thought this blog would be a good place.

This first set of images from the adventure archive (as I am now choosing to call it) were taken in St Anthony, Idaho when the boy and I got stranded there last March when our car broke down in the middle of nowhere and we got stuck for 4 days while we waited for the repairs to be done. It was a time filled with wandering and cabin fever; microwave meals and lie ins to pass the time. The town we were in felt abandoned, with many of the buildings derelict and left to rot, while the main street stores felt like you had gone back in time as soon as you stepped through the front door.

A train and the tetons.
An old grocery sign in St Anthony
Morning light in the motel room
A typical motel room
Ripples and ice in the river
A beautiful Idaho sunset

I am really enjoying experiencing these photos as I edit, some of which I had forgot that I had taken. Have you ever been stranded anywhere?

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