A Happy List | Beauty in Simple

Back again, with another happy list! This week has been a nice busy one with lots to do and some new activities to try! I am trying to make the most of my last semester at uni, filling my time with all sorts of fun things!

Home - instax and phone

– Walking to the seaside and watching the waves

– Playing cards with my favourite while burning candles and eating shortbread or fruit in the evening

– Trying out a new exercise class (powerbounce) and having fun with it despite my lack of coordination

– Starting my final semester of lectures

– Becoming a volunteer for something I’m passionate about

– Seeing Blue sky and sunshine for the first time in weeks – it only lasted a morning but was enough to see me through another gloomy week

– Hearing about my mum’s adventures in Singapore (her and my Dad have just moved there!)

– recreating my favourite restaurant meal at home after finding sweetcorn fritters in sainsburys!

– Enjoying using my instax to document special memories

– Going to Dartmoor over last weekend with S and perservering despite the rain, fog and wind. We walked five glorious miles, met some wild ponies and saw some gorgeous views.

Dartmoor - layer of fog

Dartmoor - Christmas trees

– Monday morning yoga – it’s good for my soul

– avocadoes – just because….

– Having a long skype catch up with a bozeman friend, and planning some adventures for May!

– The first signs of spring

– A lovely meal out for a friend’s birthday and getting to dress up all fancy for it

– Making new friends and learning to knit

I could go on for hours, it has been a lovely week and I’m excited for a weekend of a bit of relaxing, filming and a friend’s birthday party and hopefully a few walks by the sea.

Home - details in the room

What has made you happy this week?

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