Bright Spots | Beauty in Simple

This is a series that my dear older sister began at the start of this year on her wonderful blog which she describes as ‘a place to record the happy moments, silver linings and golden hours of each day’ which I think is a beautiful sentiment by which to write about all of life’s simple little joys. I have a little notebook which I try to write a little list of happy things or ‘bright spots’ every evening when winding down but I thought I would share some midweek bright spots to remember as this has been a week of change and excitement, goodbyes and lumps in the throat as well as full of little things that made my heart sing just a little bit. Am I sappy enough yet? Well, here we go…

IMG_0319 IMG_0287 IMG_0762


Dramatic Sea Front

~ Planning out meals with inspiration from cookbooks and burning orange scented candles in the evening.

~ Watching the sky turn pink on cloudy evenings in London.

~ Waking up to a magical dusting of snow over the weekend and pulling on coats, hats and boots to rush out for a long pretty walk with Mama at 8 in the morning.

~ Soaking up time with our gorgeous 17-year-old cat; Cleo while at home over Christmas break. Due to my parents moving halfway round the world for a work assignment, she is currently on a little holiday to my grandparent’s house, so this time with her was extra special (despite the fact, they only live about 2 miles away!)

~ Returning to the seaside and catching up with housemates, friends and of course my favourite boy. Trying to find a routine this term and be more productive in lots of ways.

not pictured:

+ Long drives with my mum before saying teary farewells before her voyage abroad.

+ Riding the tube home.

+ Green & Black’s thin mint chocolate – beautifully packaged sustainably sourced chocolate is a big tick in my book!

+ Seeing my love for the first time in a month, and celebrating with milkshakes and card games.

+ Going for walks on sunny days.

+ Sister time and impromptu sleepovers at her flat complete with herbal tea, talking into the early hours and eating all of the guac at a Mexican cafe in Camden.

+ Blue skies and the sun shining on green grass.

+ Spending time with family before heading back down to the south west.

+ Re-reading favourite books and embracing the familiar characters like old friends {Just me?}


Make sure you take a look at Lulu’s beautiful blog where this series came from and join in if you like! It’s so nice to document those little moments that make up the bigger picture. Happy 2016!

Also you can follow me on bloglovin’ right here: if you fancy!

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