Life Lately | Summer in Bozeman

Seeing as I take so many photos and videos and love to document all the things that I love and make me smile, I am often very behind on blog posts I want to write and things I want to share on this blog. So I thought I would share some photos and explain a bit about them similar to the Life Lately posts that I used to do when I was in Italy.  IMG_6855^– Bozeman summer sunsets: the sun sets so late in the summertime and sunset often lasts a whole hour or more, so many an evening have been sat on either the front step or the baseball field across the street; eating dinner and watching the world go by while getting super distracted by the amazing sunsets. Big Sky country is beautiful!


IMG_6870 IMG_6906_2 IMG_6886 IMG_6903 IMG_6908_2 IMG_6929 IMG_7138 IMG_7139 IMG_7140 IMG_7134 IMG_7167 IMG_7168 IMG_7171 IMG_7236 IMG_7248 IMG_7273 IMG_7314 IMG_7356 IMG_7376 IMG_7398 IMG_7636

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