Recent Happenings.

The start of May marked the end of my semester at MSU, which is kind of crazy, can’t quite believe it also marked the end of my 2nd year of university. There were many goodbyes, a last supper at a local pizza place, my last day at work (and hugs from all the cooks), a photo showing, a film screening and trying to pack in a couple of last hikes and meet ups with people who have come to be good friends. The sun finally came out, prompting outdoor dinners on the field by our house, sunset bike rides and flip flops (!). One night, we drove up into the mountains, and saw the Northern lights, which was something I didn’t expect to see. An internship was secured, grades were given out and it even snowed in true Montana style. It was a little bit strange, knowing that we would be coming back to Bozeman and half of the people we knew would be gone, be it because they were international students or because they were home for the summer, and we would be gone before they returned.

So, on May 7th, Sean and I (with our companions for the first leg; Ben and Juliet) set out on our (almost) month long road trip around the Great American West in our ’99 Chevy suburban aptly named ‘Shane’ after the man who towed us when we broke down in the middle of Idaho back in March.

We have just arrived home, with stories, memories and a sense of longing to be back on the road. We slept in the car, woke up with the sun, cooked all our meals outside and I don’t think I have ever felt so free.

So, this blog was soon become a melting pot of those stories; of the places we went and my thoughts. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity and made the most of it with my favourite person by my side. I want to share tips on car camping, cooking on a camp stove for a month, an insight into the cities we went to and share a few funny stories. I’m no expert by any means but it will be fun to reminisce of the crazy adventure we had.

(This picture was taken in a beautiful sun soaked park in Orem, Utah – a morning towards the end of our trip where we chilled in the sun catching up on journal writing and reading.)

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