The Northern Lights.

When I made the decision to move to America for a while, I don’t think I could have imagined some of the things that I would experience while here; be it a view of Mountains in every direction from my front door, to getting stranded in the depths of Idaho to the joy I feel every time I reach the peak of a hike or even the people I would meet and the friendly community that I feel a part of. But one thing I never thought I would see, though I had heard of happening here: was the Northern Lights. I heard that they were in the area from a fellow photography enthusiast and friend who sat with me at lunch, recalling his experience the previous night when he had been capturing images of constellations in a remote area of the countryside. He noticed as one of his pictures appeared on the screen of his camera that there was a green haze in the distance, unable to see it with the naked eye, him and his friend took a couple more pictures before realising that it indeed was the Northern lights – they waited for a while turning off any light sources to adjust their eyes to the complete darkness of the sky above and a few minutes later, they were greeted with the sight of green light dancing across the sky. This story made me want to see these powerful lights for myself and experience the true power of nature and the night sky more than I already did in the back of my mind. So plans were made, and then cancelled and then made again at the last minute, heading off earlier than anticipated to the middle of nowhere, a place with no light pollution, no street lights, no houses or civilisation, completely wilderness. It was a four car operation with an abundance of international students. We parked out, got out and there they were. A green haze far far away on the horizon. We watched in wonder, disbelief that it had been seemingly so easy to find the unfindable, the lights that hide. I came away feeling small but hopeful, I couldn’t believe what I had seen, it kind of felt like a dream or something. (Photo care of Alec)

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