Bear Lake, Utah – Pocatello, Idaho | Road Trip

The second day of our trip was spent exploring Bear Lake, Utah. Sean had found it in one of our guidebooks and it was referred to as the ‘Caribbean of the Rockies’ – the promise of bright blue waters, hiking and a taste of their famous raspberry shakes had us sold so off we went, leaving Layton, UT in the early morning. The drive took us through canyons, forests, mountains, the city of Logan where we stopped to have a look at the architecture of their Mormon Temple which was beautiful.


As we kept driving, the ground became more and more snowy as the altitude got higher. It was kinda crazy to think that we had been in shorts and t-shirts the day before and now it was time for ski jackets and wooly hats. We saw people sledding, snowmobiling and many signs for ski resorts. We were tempted by the sledding and considered creating our own with what we had in the car (cardboard box? paddle board? hmmmm…) but suddenly, we turned a corner and came face to face with a view of the vista, all across the huge blue lake with hills and mountains and a gorgeous valley. We had arrived at Bear Lake.

IMG_3342  IMG_5450

Seeing as it was early March, it was the off season meaning that most things were shut, which meant some casual trespassing in order to cook our food, some lake side sitting and a walk up the shore.


I tested the water in case there was a chance of swimming but it was definitely too cold, and that’s coming from someone who frequents North Sea swimming. I think I would have turned into an icicle had I gone in.

Bear Lake - Mirror Reflection

We spent the day exploring and taking a look in the quaint american gift shops filled with jars of homemade honey, jam and the local delicacy; raspberries. Back on the road, we decided to try and find the lake’s hot springs but missed the turning by about 5 miles so we decided to continue on into Idaho, hoping to stop in Pocatello for the night.


On the way, we stopped in Soda Springs, saw a man made geyser on a timer (it goes off every hour and is very touristy) and then continued on to Lava Hot Springs, a local attraction of naturally heated water. It was a beautiful evening as we made our way to the pools. It was my first USA hot springs experience and it did not disappoint us, the water was warm and cleansing and it was so relaxing to bathe in them as the sun set. It was especially great after a few days of not showering – I’m sure that was something that the other bathers appreciated! It was good to make some new memories in Idaho after being stranded there earlier in the week. 

After getting our fix of warmth, off we went, we made it to Pocatello that evening where we saw the longest train ever – it took fifteen minutes to pass by, then we made dinner in a car park, washed the car and watched new girl before bundling up to go to sleep.

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