A few things not to be forgotten.

This last fortnight or so has been busy but fun. I feel so rooted here in Bozeman, like I’ve set up home here, made a little life for myself. I love the place, the people and the opportunities, the classes and the culture. I wish I could stay here to finish off university, but sadly that isn’t the case, and I know once I am back in Plymouth in six months time, I will appreciate the people there and the seaside surroundings. Also, being within train travel of my family will be much appreciated.

A few memories from the past few weeks:

-A dorm room dinner party with Sean, Mia and Max the night Spring break began, sneaking the food and beer up into the dorms was fun as well as the catching up and getting to have some of Tesco’s finest fudge courtesy of Mia.

-A talk by Neil Degrasse Tyson with S at the University one Wednesday night. It was a really cool event, with all of Bozeman (it seemed!) filling the basketball stadium turned lecture theatre. He was a wonderful speaker with a wealth of knowledge and thought provoking scenarios to teach everyone about. He was also hilarious and ever so charismatic which made it a really good night. We ended it with a walk home with Ben and a discussion about life’s many burning questions.
-I wrote about Bozeman on Lu’s blog: http://www.frauleinlouise.com/frauleinlouise/2015/3/5/city-slicker-guide-to-bozeman-montana#comments-54f8ce99e4b083d0ec2a947f= and how much I love the damn place.
-February 2015 on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpMwCriLNQY&feature=youtu.be as part of my ongoing monthly video series (it is now in its fourth year which is crazy to think) but I’m happy I have a backlog of memories to watch back now!

Campus on a sunny day!

-The cold came back. Montana does like to keep you guessing doesn’t it? 14 degrees one day, -22 the next.
-Yoga! I ‘m loving my yoga class that counts for 1 credit, I’ve made some lovely friends in the class and am really enjoying the practice of yoga, even incorporating it into my daily routine at home.
-A potluck at Ben’s one saturday night with cous cous, aubergines and sugar free banana bread (which Ben raved about all night – baking win I think) with the international crew, followed by some of the girls heading to mine for tea and talking into the early hours.
-A photoshoot full of flying sparks in the freezing cold with good friends, followed by ice cream and excitement at cold stone creamery. So tasty!

Me and Natalie – I’m way too excited about ice cream ha

-Signs of spring – can’t wait for it to get warm again and to feel the sun (for real)

-Cycling home late at night and seeing the mountains lit up by the snow as well as the amazing views of the stars.
-Acting in Directing class and doing improv, reminding me of drama school days and actually really enjoy playing different characters. It was really fun and made me wanna get involved in some sort of acting club or something – we’ll see.
-Hot chocolate or herbal tea on freezing days drunk out of huge mugs with friends or a book.
-Weekly Wednesday ‘dates’ with Mia – usually a coffee shop working morning or a stroll round town, it’s always fun, whatever we do.
We found beard hats in the MSU colours.

-Actually sorting out my job and getting some shifts – I start the first day back after Spring Break. The other staff seem really nice, and I can sense some english accent banter coming on.

-Scriptwriting class – getting feedback on ideas and having really interesting conversations with my lecturer out of class. He has been an editor, a sound man, a screenwriter and a weather man so has many cool stories to share.
-Thrift store shopping with Meg for her upcoming Jamaica adventure. You find some cool things in there and also some amusing things!
Thrift store = goldmine!

-Skype catch ups with the bestie (Lici) – always missing her but it kinda feels like we actually hung out after a 2 hour catch up!

-Brunching with Becca outside (despite it being -2 outside) and taking in the fresh air and views of the mountains.
-Going into a shop and looking for a chalk bag for climbing and being met by a wall of deer heads. And a display of guns (why america why).

-The perfect cup of herbal tea. So welcome after cycling home in the cold.
-Visiting my lecturer’s house for portraiture to do some indoor lighting demos, and in turn meeting his very cute puppies and using his pet ferrets as props. How very strange.

Zoe the model ferret.

-Going for a sunset run with S – it was so nice to run up to Peets hill and watch the sun set as we did. Trying to prioritise things like running and yoga – I always feel so good afterwards, I just need to make time for it.
-The prospect of spring break travels! So excited to get out of Bozeman and venture out to see some more of the USA.

-Pretty icy patterns on the windows on frosty mornings.
-Buying a CAR! We had planned to rent one for Spring break, and then it turned out that it was not an option so after searching for weeks on craigslist – one happened to pop up that was perfect on the exact day we needed it to. Crazy good timing! It feels so good to be part owner of a car (despite the fact that I cannot drive it) – I really appreciate the freedom and opportunities it is going to give us living in such a space out area of the USA. It is also big enough to seat lots of friends, so excited for the group adventures that will be had as well as travel with S. We will also hopefully be able to sell it on when we leave so long as we take good care of it!
Our car! Maybe we should name it!

-Also, taking the car out for a drive with some friends on the first night that we got it, playing some tunes and getting really excited about all the opportunities for travel it holds!

Inaugural trip in the car! Sean, Mia, Max and Me.

-Feeling grateful for the support of S and getting excited for our road trip next week! Warm weather here we come!

-And finally Montana Sunsets! Because they are gorgeous and last for hours! I love it 🙂

And that’s it for now! Off to Utah tomorrow for some paddle boarding, bouldering, hiking and camping! Can’t wait to see the red rocks 🙂

Big (pink) sky country!

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