A new adventure.

Blogging may be making a comeback over here as in a few days time, I am getting on a plane, leaving behind the homeland and 15 hours later, I will find myself in the depths of snow covered Montana. To live. For half a year. What!

Luckily, I have my favourite boy as a companion on this adventure which makes the whole process slightly less daunting and more exciting but still, it’s gonna be strange and different and full of new experiences I am sure.
I thought that maybe it might be an idea to document some of my adventures so I don’t forget them as well as it will give me some sort of outlet for the shear amount of photos/videos I imagine I will take.
The last two weeks or so have been full of family time, little adventures, seeing friends, moving, finishing up my freelance work and packing. It’s been good, so much fun! But soon it will be time to hop on a plane and head for the USA now that I have my visa, my thermal socks and a suitcase that I could sleep in if I wanted to.
See you soon, Montana!
Photo taken in London last week!

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